Email design trends in 2022


A well-thought-out letter design is an opportunity to stand out from the competition and attract the target audience. Its choice depends on what you want to get from the newsletter, for example: sell a product or service, register for an event or inform about an important event.

The design component should be developed taking into account modern trends and rules. What trends in the design of email newsletters have formed in 2022 – we will consider in this article.

Accidental fonts

The first trend that we will talk about is accid (decorative) font. With their help, you can add a cool feature to the design of your product. Previously, they were used exclusively in printing, but now they are rapidly gaining popularity on the Internet and are often involved in mailing letters.

Their main feature is that they are not suitable for typing the main text and are intended for headings and other small passages of text to attract and emphasize attention.

Use these fonts if you want to focus the user on the title. Here is one example of such a letter design:

Accidental fonts in mailing letters

Pay attention to the large heading, the rest of the text is smaller, but still readable.

And here is another example of a large heading in a minimalist letter:

Design trends in newsletters 2022

An important feature: use less textual content, otherwise there will be a lot of redundant information and the accident headline will lose its essence and become invisible. Remember that the headline is one of the key features in this trend.

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It may seem strange, but in design it often happens that old styles come back.


Gradients can be called an eternal trend, but there is a peculiarity here – retro implies the use of not two, as usual, colors, but three, four or even five. All this adds a bit of grain and interesting typographic solutions.

Here is one of the successful examples – sending letters from BAGGU. Everything follows the rules – several colors in a gradient, grain and a drop of creative typography.

Retro styles in letter design

Important note: try to use acidic shades of colors and remember that such a design will not suit every target audience.


What was design famous for in the 90s? Bright colors, asymmetric solutions, large fonts and elements that are now called “Back to the 90s”. Here’s what a typical mailing for this trend looks like:

2022 mailing trends

How to achieve this style? Everything is quite simple – first of all, pay attention to the fonts. For the content text, a fairly simple typeface is used, but in the case of the title, a pixel-like font is used, which still hints at the 90s. The next point is collages that give the effect of old school.


Going back 60 years, you can dive into a very interesting world of design, which is definitely suitable for children’s newsletters. This style well emphasizes childhood and absurdity – all stylistic elements look very childish, but set a special trend that will allow you to stand out among competitors.

Now it is used mostly in printed products, but the times are near when this trend will move to mailing letters.

Here is one example of this style:

How to design a letter in 2022

Pay attention to three-dimensional fonts and color scheme – all this creates an interesting and memorable design.



This trend will probably stay with us forever. Its main idea is to provide all important information in a minimal form. Do not overload e-mails with photos and text – leave the maximum amount of free space. Each separate mailing should be dedicated to one topic, product or service. The letter itself should use as much free space as possible.

Here is one such example:

An example of a newsletter in the style of minimalism

This leaf consists of only three blocks, but it clearly reveals the essence: three secrets, long-lasting freshness and a pleasant smell.


If you add interactivity to even the simplest letter, it will immediately play with other colors. It’s a fresh and interesting way to increase reader loyalty and retain attention.

Here is one such example:

An example of an interactive letter in the 2022 newsletter

In this newsletter, you can play a real game that allows you to interact with the brand right in the letter.

It is not necessary to make the interactive as complex – it can be a simple animation. For example, a spinning wheel that can be used to get a discount:

An example of an interactive letter

Here are some gamification options: test, lottery, rebus, puzzle or quest.


Microinteractions are elements that can be interacted with with the cursor. They increase user engagement and allow you to create a certain interactivity. These include changing the color of the button on hover, content reset, click and more.

Here is one such example where there are three buttons that the user can interact with. The peculiarity here is that the title directly prompts you to “click” on the circles.

Microtools in mailing 2022

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Animation in letters is another trend that has touched the audience. Most users need to understand what is in the email at a glance. Animation does a great job with this – it enlivens the letter and makes even the simplest design interesting and attractive.

Here’s how Adobe did it: it suggests creating an animation in Illustrator, and in the letter it shows how it might look with an example of an animated character.

2022 mailing trends

Animation in such letters should not weigh much, a maximum of 3 MB. The most suitable format is GIF.


Below is an example of a New Year’s mailing, where the collages include familiar details – toys and sandwiches with caviar. On the one hand, the photo, on the other – this element in the package. This approach will interest the user.

Collages in mailing 2022

In this style, try to combine illustrations and real photos, and choose hand-drawn fonts.

Dark theme

We are all familiar with the dark theme – some people find it quite gloomy, while others cannot live without it. Therefore, this trend will not appeal to everyone – you should study your target audience in detail.

One of the advantages of a dark theme is that it tends to be easier on the eyes due to lower contrast. It also limits the amount of blue light emitted by device screens and saves battery power.

Here is one example of a letter in this style:

Dark theme in mailing 2022

Be sure to check how the letter will look in both modes – dark and light. Test the dark email theme in several mail services, as they may handle colors differently.


Email design trends in 2022 show that interactive and animated emails are currently on a wave of popularity. Do not forget about retro styles – they deserve special attention, as they allow you to stand out among competitors.

Do not be afraid to use decorative elements and interesting collages. This will decorate the letter and give it a special tone.

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