Discounts, gifts and installments – promotions have appeared in RSYA

In the Yandex Advertising Network, it will now be possible to add various promotions to ads. A bright clickable addition will attract the attention of users and increase CTR.

Promotions are available for creation only for text and graphic ads. In the campaign settings, a number of options will be offered: discount, benefit, cashback, gift, installments or free receipt of the product – in the ads, they will differ in color. Further, depending on the selected type of action, it will be necessary to adjust it point by point.

Promotions in RSYA


In the Yandex blog, it is noted that promotions configured in mixed types of campaigns will automatically be displayed in networks using Smart Design technology. And the number of available ad formats will be increased in the future.

Promotions will help increase the effectiveness of ads, offer additional data for statistics and help automate advertising. You can learn more about creating and editing a new add-on in the Help.

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