The best local portable web server with PHP support

USBWebserver is the smallest web server with Apache, PHP, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin support for Windows. It can be transferred to any digital media (SD card, flash drive, disk) and run.

The composition of the USBWebserver assembly

Build composition with PHP 7.4:

  • PHP 7.4.27;
  • Apache 2.4.52;
  • PhpMyAdmin 5.1.3;
  • MySQL 5.7.36.

Build composition with PHP 8.0:

  • PHP 8.0.16;
  • Apache 2.4.52;
  • PhpMyAdmin 5.1.3;
  • MySQL 5.7.36.

Build composition with PHP 8.1:

  • PHP 8.1.3;
  • Apache 2.4.52;
  • PhpMyAdmin 5.1.3;
  • MySQL 5.7.36.

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Where to download









The build can be downloaded from by running the following command:

git clone  -b

You can also add a specific version to the end of the line. Example:

git clone  -b php/7.4

How to use USBWebserver

  • Run the file in the folder with the server usbwebserver.exe.
  • If necessary, in the “Settingsยป you can change the program language.
  • The files of your project must be placed in the folder “root“.
  • Homepage: http://localhost/
  • PhpMyAdmin: http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
  • Database login and password: root, usbw.

Application and server settings

You can change the settings of the application and the server by going to the tab “Settings“, or edit them manually – all settings files are in the folder “Settings“. To edit PHP settings, use the file my.ini.

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