Formation of reputation on the Internet. With minimal costs


Perhaps you think that building a brand reputation online is difficult and expensive? Grab a couple of tools that will help you build the reputation you need with minimal budgets. Independently!

Congratulations! We are “Reputation Moscow”, an agency that removes negative reviews, videos and slander from the Internet.

Not ready to invest hundreds of thousands in building an online reputation? Then we read on. We tried to break down all actions into small and understandable steps.

Step 1. Check your company’s search results

To do this, first study what queries you are most often searched for. Try Collect the search engine results (top 10 in Google and Yandex) for these queries, preferably in a separate document. Mark which resources are positive, which are negative, and which are irrelevant. Therefore, your work plan will be built.

Reputation in the network

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Step 2. Study the detected negative (if any)

Divide it into real (from your customers or employees) and fake (for example, from competitors or detractors).

  1. Those reviews that you considered real – study thoroughly. Pass them on to the quality or customer service departments. Understand the described problems and solve them.
  2. You should do it a little differently with false reviews. Analyze what in these reviews indicates a false character. Write these details. Create official company accounts on these resources. Then politely ask the mock authors to provide answers to the questions. They will help to make sure of their unreliability. If you do not receive a response, inform the resource administration. Ask for these reviews to be removed.

Search reviews

Step 3: Check if the business cards are created on the most popular review sites

If not, create it. This is necessary so that in the future these cards are at the top of your queries and filled with reviews about the company. In the text of the descriptions in the cards, it is desirable to have your key phrases.

Step 4. Conduct a promotion for customers

Motivate them for positive feedback. For example, offer a discount, gift or bonus for posting a positive review about you. Organize a contest for the best, detailed review. Send an e-mail. Involve company partners and think about joint activity.

Step 5. Write an article about your company in the media

Select topics of interest to your target audience and talk about them. Share your experience, tools, cases, features. Be sure to consult with someone about the quality of your writing and the relevance of your chosen topic, as low-quality articles can backfire. Interesting articles will get to the top of search results, occupy the right positions and spread naturally – by the hands of your target audience.

Step 6: Develop your social networks

Check if your social media groups are in the top search engines. They should not be dead or formulaic. You can even not hire professional SMMs, because these are additional costs. Take the job on yourself. Communicate with the audience, increase activity, be open. Respond promptly to any comments and messages. Help solve customer problems through social media pages, find out their needs and get maximum feedback. Social networks are a super tool in increasing the loyalty of the target audience. They take good positions in the top, preventing negativity from getting there.

ReputationThe main task is to fill the search results with positive, managed resources. This will help to make the publication safe – in the event of a negative appearance, it will not be able to immediately get to the front pages. And if it already exists, you can replace it.

Doing reputation management on your own is very economical. In general, it is not very difficult and is quite feasible. The main thing you need is to invest your time. All measures should be as thoughtful and careful as possible. When taking this or that step, you must calculate the consequences of these actions. If you’ve read about the Delivery Club event, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

PS: Delivery Club users complained about mass cancellations of orders from the promotional code. The action was cool, but the possible consequences were not assessed.

Therefore, if you feel that you will not be able to invest maximum time and effort in the reputation, it is better to delegate these tasks to our agency. It is not worth building a reputation completely. The same applies to experience. If you do not have much of it in this area, it is better not to make risky actions and mistakes.

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