Beeline will abandon 3G in Moscow and the region this fall


It became known that Beeline decided to transfer the frequencies used for 3G in the 2.1 GHz range to LTE (4G). This will be implemented for Moscow and the Moscow Region by September.

As Kommersant points out, Beeline became the first major operator that decided to abandon the 3G standard and transfer the frequencies used to LTE. This will be implemented in Moscow and the Moscow region in autumn, and by the end of 2023 – in 25+ regions of the Russian Federation. For 3G, a band in the 900 MHz range, suitable only for voice communication, will be reserved.

Today, about 3% of smartphones that support only 3G are stored in the capital region, in the regions this figure is equal to 5%, while no more than 1% of mobile subscribers use such smartphones constantly.

VimpelCom (which owns the Beeline brand) believes that such changes will increase the capacity of the data transmission network by 50%. Analysts predict that all cellular operators will accelerate the transition to modern standards.

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