Huawei released an AirTag clone for $15


According to the publication Huawei Central, the Chinese company released a number of new devices, among which there was a place for the AirTag competitor.

Huawei introduced its device for tracking lost items – Huawei Tag. The cost of the novelty is about 15 dollars, it will also be possible to buy a set of four devices. At the same time, Huawei Tag will only be compatible with the company’s smartphones running Harmony OS 2.0.

The gadget itself turned out neat, thin and light: it weighs 6 grams, and its thickness is 5.6 mm. Point tracking technology directly near the beacon is supported. The volume of the audio signal reaches 92 dB. And the interface of the smartphone operating system will remind you in time if you have suddenly moved too far from the beacon.

Huawei Tag


Huawei, like Apple, has developed its own global network for finding items. This means that the Huawei Tag will be able to transmit its geolocation even when hundreds of kilometers away thanks to other Huawei devices located nearby. This will be possible even if they are not related to the owner of the beacon.

Huawei has also made sure that the Huawei Tag is not used as a means of tracking other people. The smartphone will notify the user that there is an unknown beacon nearby.

The device will go on sale after July 30.

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