How to choose a suitable online payment method for micro and small businesses


One of the most important rules of trade is maximum loyalty to the buyer. The customer of an online store should be able to quickly and safely pay for his purchase as he likes, when he likes and where he likes. Apparently, this rule can be called a key factor when choosing to connect certain methods of payment for goods and services. Other factors are important for small businesses, such as interest rates and paperwork.

Let’s see how to avoid this red tape and give the client something that will simplify and speed up the purchase process.

What is paid more often?

Today, the market of payment instruments has changed a lot – with the departure of Apple Pay and Google Pay, Russians have lost their usual payment methods. We recently analyzed the statistics of Robokassa, which showed the most popular of them according to our service:

The more they payIn the first place are traditional bank cards. However, you should not write off QIWI Wallet, which is very popular in our country. In addition, the narrowing of the market naturally promotes the promotion of Yandex Pay and Mir Pay.

What should an entrepreneur do to provide his customers with all the necessary payment methods? We see four main options.


Connect the acceptance of cards of one bank (for example, Oschadbank)


  • Oschadbank cards are widespread in Russia.


  • You will receive only one function – receiving payments through Oschadbank channels.
  • The fewer payment methods, the fewer customers will be able to buy a product or service.
  • All issues of registration and connection of the online cash register and transfer of checks to the tax office will have to be solved independently.


Connect several partner banks


  • You will receive a wider coverage at the expense of card holders of other banks.


  • Several contracts.
  • As in the previous example, you will have to deal with the online cash register and checks yourself.
  • No additional features – only accepting payments.
  • You can alienate e-wallet users.


Connect several partner banks and additional payment methods


  • You will get extensive coverage at the expense of cardholders of other banks and users of electronic wallets.


  • Many contracts.
  • No functionality except accepting payments.
  • Fiscalization remains on your shoulders.


Connect to the payment acceptance aggregator


  • One contract.
  • All available and popular payment methods.
  • Solving the issue with the online checkout (we’ll talk about it below).
  • Additional convenient functions provided by aggregators.


  • A higher commission is possible.

Other things being equal, for maximum coverage and a quick start of sales, we recommend using the services of a payment acceptance aggregator.

What can an aggregator do?

A payment aggregator is a service company that combines a number of ways to pay for goods and services. You only need to sign one contract with him – you will get a personal manager, a single support service, several popular payment methods at once and a number of additional options, which we will talk about a little below.

First of all, we recommend thinking about connecting to the IP aggregator and small companies. This will save you from potential modifications to the site, save time and ensure the security of payments. Well, it will look very simple for the client: when making a purchase, he goes to the payment page, chooses the best payment method and instantly makes the payment in a secure mode.

Of course, a significant factor when choosing an aggregator will be the commission from successful payments, on which the service earns. But this factor cannot be called decisive. Some aggregators offer a number of free additional services that seriously make life easier for the seller. It makes sense to pay attention to them at the very beginning – before concluding the contract. Some functions offered above the market can significantly optimize the sales process – both for the seller and for the buyer. What are these functions? Here are some examples from Robokassa:

  • “Workers”: with them, it is not necessary to install an online cash register, the presence of which is required by 54-FZ. The service will issue checks for you, which will be received by both the tax office and the client. Checks will also display the labeling required by law.
  • Invoicing in messengers: a special chatbot will help you generate a payment link. This is very convenient for a small business – you can send the client to pay directly in the messenger in which you communicate with him.
  • Message: you can choose where they come to you. Thus, you will not need to go to your personal account every time and check the payment status. The sooner you learn about your customer’s actions, the sooner you can arrange delivery. Speed, variety and ease of payment give a good chance to make your customer loyal.
  • Recurring (regular) and split payments. These functions are not needed by everyone, but for some entrepreneurs they are vital – for example, if you sell goods on a subscription basis, you cannot do without connecting recurring payments. With them, your client will not need to enter bank card details every time: the required amounts will be debited at the time and with the frequency they are needed.

Checklist for an entrepreneur

For simplicity, we have compiled a small checklist: it contains details where you should pay attention when choosing a payment aggregator.

  1. Popularity and reputation. Avoid one-day services, because it’s about money! Many years of work and the number of clients speak for themselves.
  2. tariffs Most often, aggregators diversify tariffs, forming them depending on turnover or other factors. In addition, in the process of work, you will be able to review the selected tariff, if your turnover increases significantly – often the services meet your needs. Don’t forget about the promotions that you can connect to at a reduced rate.
  3. Support. It is highly desirable for it to be open 24 hours a day – in case of unforeseen situations, you will be able to quickly resolve the issue and not leave your customers without the possibility of making a payment.
  4. Speed ​​and ease of connection: it is ideal if you are offered to connect with an offer contract online. This will greatly save time and nerves. Pay attention to payment modules. If the aggregator has a lot of them, it will allow you to quickly and easily connect the acceptance of payments, no matter what CRM or CMS you use.
  5. Enrollment of funds. It is important to immediately understand how and when you will receive money to your account.
  6. Additional Services. We have already talked about them above – they often provide huge benefits that cover the aggregator’s commission, even if it seems high to you.

That’s all – we wish you reliable partners and satisfied customers!

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