FAS ordered Google to allow third-party payment methods in Google Play


The Federal Antimonopoly Service issued a warning to Google, where it reported on the detected signs of abuse of the company’s dominant position in the market. The agency demands to correct the terms of the contract, otherwise FAS has the right to initiate a case of violation of antimonopoly legislation.

According to the FAS website, Google imposes unfavorable contract terms on application developers, because when distributing paid services, only the company’s payment system should be used. According to the service, such actions by Google are an abuse of a dominant position.

To remedy the situation, FAS proposes to exclude from the Google Play rules the possibility to use only the company’s payment system and to add to them a clause about other payment methods that application developers can use. In addition, the company will have to clearly inform developers about these changes.

Google must implement the above within a month, if this is not done, the department has the right to initiate a case for violation of antimonopoly legislation.

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