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If you need a website, it is not necessary to hire a team of programmers or sit down to develop the project yourself. You can get your own website inexpensively using the Craftum builder.

The service provides a choice. You can create a site yourself without knowledge of HTML and CSS or order development from experts who are well aware of the capabilities of the designer.

What Craftum offers

Craftum is a designer of sites and landing pages. It is used by freelancers, small and medium business owners, marketers, professional developers and web designers.

The site on Craftum is:

  • Design made by specialists. You can use ready-made templates, customize the design from scratch using simple tools, or entrust it to an expert.

  • High speed of work – pages do not load anything extra and run quickly for all users.

  • Functionality – You can combine hundreds of ready-made blocks, ensuring that the site fulfills its tasks: attracting new users, increasing conversion.

Craftum allows you to order a website cheaply. The average cost of developing a standard site on a popular CMS is 80,000 rubles. How much it costs to develop a site for an individual project depends on the customer’s requirements and the ability to negotiate the price.

CraftumOn Craftum you can get a website inexpensively:

  • Project with individual design – On average, about 20,000 rubles.

  • The site is developed on the basis of professional templates – 10,000 rubles.

These are excellent conditions for a small business that uses various formats of attracting customers via the Internet – not only social networks, but also its own resource. Small investments at the start can pay off with potential customers.

Development on Crafum is also suitable for startups, representatives of medium and large businesses that are constantly testing new hypotheses.

Often in marketing departments, an idea is born for which you need to create a site in 2 days. Tearing off the development team to urgently make another landing is not the most effective approach. Keeping a separate specialist for whom the development of landing pages will be the main activity is also an expensive trick. Looking for freelancers every time is too energy-consuming.

Craftum is suitable for launching a site without CSS knowledge and quickly testing a hypothesis. Or you can get by with a minimal budget by ordering the development of Craftum experts.

What tasks do experts solve?

Craftum experts will develop a site for you with an individual design or based on a professional template of your choice. In order for the specialist to truly understand what you want, you will need to draw up a technical task.

After completing the work, the expert hands over the site to the customer. And here another advantage of Craftum becomes obvious. The client will not have to figure out how to manage the site and make changes for a long time. The control panel is very simple. Replace content, add new pages, delete unnecessary sections – all this is done in a few clicks.

If complex editing is required, you can ask for help from the designer’s support service or contact an expert again.

Why order from an expert, if you can do it yourself

The simplest answer is saving time. For example, a marketer should test different ideas to attract customers. He has no experience in website development. But colleagues recommended using Craftum.

Now the marketer has two ways:

  1. Understand the constructor and make landings yourself. Apparently, this approach will help save money. But in practice, sometimes it turns out the other way around. An experienced professional from another field spends his time to learn skills that he does not need all the time. Instead, a marketer could delegate development tasks to an expert and take on the direct responsibilities of developing strategies that will help build customer trust.

  2. Describe the idea in detail, draw up a technical task and hand over the task to an expert who will do it quickly and efficiently. At first glance, it seems that more time and money are spent – you have to draw up the TOR, and also pay an expert for the work. But in practice, everything often turns out to be cheaper. Especially if the TOR is well written, and the expert already knows the company’s requirements regarding previous cooperation experience.

Craftum is a simple constructor. Any person who knows how to use a computer can create a site on it. But it will not be possible to understand all the possibilities of the service in one evening. And an expert is a person who already develops sites on Craftum and knows how to quickly assemble a project.

Craftum blocksA separate story – the development of an individual design. The designer offers ready-made solutions from professionals and tries to avoid mistakes. But without the experience of creating a landing page with an individual design, few people get it the first time.

How to explain to an expert what you want to get

So you’ve decided you need a manicure landing page, an apartment renovation site, or any other web project. Full of hope and enthusiasm, you reach out to designers and developers and run into a stumbling block – they can’t read minds and require you to provide a detailed specification.

What it is? Some complicated document? You may want to turn away and look for someone who is willing to do the job without asking too much, who is just given the task of “making it look good and sell well.”

The bitter truth is that you will definitely not get what you want. Probably someone smart has already formulated this law of life – if there is even a chance that you will be misunderstood, you will be misunderstood. Or not to the end.

Such cooperation often leads to misunderstandings and mutual accusations. Nothing works the way you need it to. This is not at all what you wanted. This is not what you paid for. Why did they misunderstand you when you explained everything clearly?

Because there was no technical task.

The good news is that it is not as difficult to do as it may seem.

Technical task: what is it and why is it needed

Development of sites that will attract the attention of the client is a complex task. Even if it is a site under construction, you need to invest a lot already at the design stage. A technical task will help you collect all your wishes and make them come true.

The technical task describes the range of tasks that must be solved as part of the site development. But most importantly, TOR helps customers and developers understand each other. Example, the client thinks he needs a simple online store, but as a result of all the discussions, it turns out that he actually wants a marketplace right away.

In order for the developers to be able to fully implement the customer’s idea, it is necessary to structure it in as much detail as possible, to explain their vision of what the result should be.

The technical task for the development should contain:

  1. Specifications;

  2. marketing requirements;

  3. design features

Ideally, all details of the operation and type of site should be specified in the TOR. Then contradictions will be minimal, and the result will meet the requirements and expectations of the customer.

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How to write a project description

The main purpose of the technical task is to fix precise and understandable criteria. This means that it should contain as few qualitative adjectives as possible and as many numbers, values ​​and metrics as possible.

In order to speak the same language, the main concepts can be fixed at the beginning of the document. For example, the header is the top part of the site with the logo and navigation menu. Footer is the bottom part of the site with contact information, which is displayed on every page.

The terms of reference should include:

  • a description of the features of the functioning of the pages – standard and unique;

  • the presence and number of through elements, their location;

  • number of pop-up windows;

  • various forms of feedback arising from various customer actions.

Prototypes will help explain what should be on the site. You can draw the structure and content of the main pages even on paper. This will already help to understand each other better. Developers of a landing page or a multi-page site will be able to see where and which blocks should be located.

If you can’t draw, you can simply list what pages should be and what elements should be placed on these pages. The details here are the key to ultimate success.

No need to explain

The order form should be convenient.

How to explain

The order form should consist of five fields: name, surname, phone number, email, delivery address. Depending on the delivery address, the final cost of the order is calculated.

The correct definition of such nuances will help to create an optimal structure with the calculation of further scaling.

Marketing requirements

It is important for developers and designers to understand what customer engagement tools you are going to use on your site. This directly affects the functionality of the project.

For example, if you plan to attract a client base through e-mail, you will need to create a subscription or registration system on the site.

Values ​​also have:

  • Specifics of the site – should he sell or just provide information? Can users subscribe to updates or pay for the service? It depends on which blocks and elements you need to use.

  • Target audience – who will use the site. For example, you know that your audience accesses the Internet mainly from smartphones. Therefore, it is necessary to spend more efforts on the convenient implementation of the mobile interface.

Try to describe in as much detail as possible the popular scenarios of using the site. How will you attract customers, where will they come from, what are their goals, what should customers get as a result.

First, you will have to create your own experience in your head or on paper. Only after such preparation you will be able to implement it with the help of experts.

Design requirements

It is not enough to say “it must be beautiful” or “to attract buyers”. Everyone has their own idea of ​​what is beautiful. Therefore, this part also requires maximum specificity: colors, fonts, size and location of elements, their behavior when the screen size changes.

If there is a brand book, it must be shown. This will help to develop the technical task.

Stages of development of the technical task

The technical task is created by the customer. It is his vision of what the result should be that is embedded in this document.

The process usually consists of several stages:

  1. Setting the task and defining the main requirements (one-pager, landing page, corporate site, online store).

  2. Arrangement of a detailed list of requirements.

  3. Coordination of the technical task with the expert.

Some requirements may be difficult to implement, others may be excessive. There are also different options for performing the same task. Coordinating the technical specifications with an expert will help you avoid misunderstandings.

At the last stage, the details are prescribed, the terms and costs of the work are discussed, taking into account its complexity.

Summing up

If you need a site for conducting business, testing hypotheses, presenting your works, then Craftum is a good choice. This is a modern designer that offers to develop a web project for users without experience. They can do all the work themselves or draw up a technical task and turn to experts.

Even when ordering sites from experts, the total cost of development on Craftum is significantly lower than on other designers and CMS, not to mention self-written solutions.

Website development on Craftum has another big plus. You can not write a detailed TOR from scratch, but show ready-made templates that are suitable for your project. And add to the description what you would like to change. And then take the finished site from an expert and improve it yourself.

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