The tool for checking mobile pages has been added to Yandex Webmaster


Now it will be able to take into account the relationship between desktop and mobile versions of pages and notify webmasters about it.

Mobile compatibility is one of the key optimization factors, as on average about 50% of traffic comes to sites from smartphones, Yandex notes.

When receiving a request, the search engine determines the type of user’s device and directs it to the appropriate page – mobile or desktop. If the version for smartphones is located at a different address or subdomain, then the search must link the desktop and mobile pages.

If there is a connection, the user will be able to immediately open the version adapted for the smartphone, in addition, it will allow to efficiently accumulate signals on the page to improve the quality of the search and reduce the load on data storage systems.

How does it work?

To establish a connection, Yandex search loads the desktop version of the page twice and receives an indication and a redirect to the mobile versions of the sites.

At the same time, if the indication of the mobile version in the link=alternate tag and the goal of the redirect for mobile users do not match or are missing, then Yandex will not be able to reliably establish a connection between the pages and will notify webmasters about this. If the mobile URL matches the desktop URL and differs only in the subdomain (and then Yandex will see the connection between them even in the absence of the link=alternate tag).

You can learn more about this in the Yandex blog for webmasters.

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