Apple has allowed paying for apps to bypass the App Store in South Korea


According to The Verge, Apple has allowed developers from South Korea to demand payment in applications through third-party systems. It’s all about the new law adopted by the country’s authorities.

Now the creators of software from South Korea are not tied to Apple’s financial mechanisms and can use third-party services. The solutions themselves will be built on the basis of the StoreKit platform and certified by Apple.

However, the new system has a number of limitations. For example, developers will have to completely change the reporting structure and regularly provide sales data to Apple. Moreover, the list of payment systems is still very limited, and the commission will not go anywhere and will be 26% instead of the current 30%. And if the program is available worldwide, then the developers will need to release a separate version of the program in the App Store specifically for South Korea.

Apple previously relinquished control over payments on dating apps in the Netherlands. The situation in South Korea was the first global change to the App Store transaction system. Perhaps the European Union will take advantage of this precedent and “press” the law that is being promoted to allow the use of third-party application stores and software payment systems in iOS.

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