VK: 37% of Russians use cloud services in their everyday life


VK Play and ResearchMe conducted a joint study on the development of cloud gaming and metauniverses. Its results showed that 37% of respondents use cloud services in their everyday life. The online survey was conducted from June 15 to 25, and the sample consisted of 2,000 people aged 18 and over.

It also turned out that every fifth respondent is familiar with the term “cloud gaming”, and every fourth has heard about this technology, but does not fully understand the principle of its operation. At the same time, almost 50% of respondents, who are familiar with the technology of game cloud services, regularly play using it on their PCs.

As for the reasons for using cloud gaming technology, the majority (34%) indicate the possibility of using it without a powerful computer, and almost a third (30%) noted the large catalog of games. The rest are satisfied with cheapness and a sense of the future (19% each).

According to TASS, 84% of respondents according to the results of the study have a personal computer, and 41% of them are dissatisfied with the current technical characteristics. At the same time, every fourth person would like to improve their PC, but cannot do it because of the high price. 74% of respondents use a PC for games, of which 41% play up to three hours a day, 29% – up to one hour a day, and 20% – up to five hours a day.

The study notes that Russians are generally positive about digitalization and technological progress. 34% of respondents believe that cloud gaming is the future, and 29% say that the development of this field contributes to the creation of metauniverses.

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