In Mozilla Firefox 102, protection against tracking via URLs appeared

The company presented the 102nd release of the browser, endowing it with new functions. Among them is an improvement to the privacy of the Internet, which removes parameters from the URL to prevent the user from being tracked.

According to SecurityLab, many companies use custom URL query parameters to track link clicks. A new option in Mozilla Firefox will automatically remove such request parameters from URLs, after which sites will not be able to record user transitions.

The function is called Query Parameter Stripping, you can enable it in the browser settings: Privacy and security – Enhanced tracking protection – Strict.

Enable tracking protection

To illustrate the work, the authors of BleepingComputer created a test page with links that contained various tracking parameters. As you can see, after clicking on the link, the desired address was opened without any extra data – the deletion was automatic. This action is now built into Mozilla Firefox.

The option will not work in private mode (this can be configured additionally), there are also possible problems with the functionality of individual sites (and if the content cannot be downloaded at all, then most likely you will have to return to standard tracking protection, the company warns).

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