20 Best Web Analytics Tools for Marketers


The main trump card of any marketer is analytical information. Moreover, some are publicly available, others have to be collected with the help of special tools. They help to optimize costs, evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns or promotions, and identify strengths and weaknesses in the chosen promotion strategy.

In this article, I will list and describe the main web analytics tools marketers will find useful.

The most obvious, most popular and, moreover, free analytical tool. Provides a wide range of data about visitor actions. To use it, you need to add a counter and install its code on the site – information will begin to be collected, resource statistics will be generated.

After connecting, the marketer will be able to track traffic sources and visitor behavior, analyze data from advertising campaigns, view popular search phrases, and create almost any reports. To study advertising statistics, you can connect Yandex.Direct or use UTM tags.

It is suitable for beginners, for working with sites within the runet, as well as if the collection of information from advertising and other is carried out through related services of Yandex.

What does the Yandex.Metryka office look like

Google Analytics is a much larger and more advanced service for collecting site statistics and is also completely free. True, it will be difficult for a beginner to figure it out, but later you can adapt.

Among the pluses, there is a mobile application, integration with Google Ads (which is obvious), as well as the availability of more than 140 parameters for compiling reports. From sex-age characteristics to the date of the last visit – all this is filled in automatically when turning on “signals” and collecting data from them. In general, the same as the counters in Metrica. If necessary, the range of collected information can be determined independently. Only when processing large volumes of information, sampling is automatically used in the service.

What reports look like in Google Analytics

Calltouch is a well-known service that allows you to conduct end-to-end analytics, manage advertising and call tracking. It can combine data from several advertising platforms, CRM systems and other marketing tools. After that, the service will generate a simple and convenient report based on the necessary parameters, and in the form of dashboards.

The only thing is that Calltouch is not free, the cost of using its full functionality starts from 990 rubles. But if you subscribe, the marketer will have a powerful tool at his disposal that allows him to build a full-fledged sales surge, manage advertising, estimate all costs, collect and visually organize any analytical data, etc.

An example of displaying reports in Calltouch

The product from the well-known company Adobe is an analytical tool that helps to study the behavior of visitors to the resource. The service is not suitable for everyone, as it is focused on business. With its help, you can study the nature of site traffic and user behavior, use Big Data and machine learning, and also prepare various reports according to the necessary requirements.

Developers emphasize the increased ROI after using Adobe Analytics in practice and learning from it. In addition, in web analytics, they also note the high speed of processing large volumes of information, detailing at any level, advanced segmentation options, etc.

For use, you can request a demo version or sign up as part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud or Adobe Creative Cloud package. The price is set according to business requests.

Office in Adobe Analytics

This service is more focused on the control and analysis of contextual and targeted advertising. The list of available functionality includes parsing keywords, meta tags and titles, selecting communities and groups for promotion in social networks, composing ads, recommendations for ad optimization, etc. There is also functionality in terms of media planning and reporting.

All information about site statistics, advertising activity and other parameters is provided in the form of visual dashboards. The owners note the ease of connection without the involvement of specialists from the outside, as well as the elimination of errors during the collection of information.

As for cost, a number of features such as parsers, generators and word combiners, as well as recommendations are available for free use. The rest is provided on a fee basis, and the higher the number of requests in the system, the more profitable the service will be.

Clicky, in fact, provides the same information as Google Analytics with Yandex.Metrica. At the same time, the emphasis here is on the speed of creating reports – if in previous tools information was generated with a delay of an hour or a day, then here you can track the data in real time.

Among the available functionality are statistics on the behavior of Internet users, analysis of promotion costs, a map of clicks and the duration of visits. All this is clearly displayed in the form of dashboards, while there is a function of breaking out and viewing history, targeting mobile versions and widgets.

Minus – advanced features are provided on a paid basis, and the price starts at $9.99 per year. Therefore, such a solution is more suitable for large businesses or online media. How it works is well shown in the demo access, and thus it will be possible to understand whether the service will suit you or not.

How reports will be displayed in Clicky

Comagic is similar to Calltouch in its main functionality, as it also emphasizes end-to-end analytics and call tracking. However, in this case the cost is much higher and starts from 4,900 rubles per month. If you want to test the tool, you can use the 14-day trial period.

In general, in terms of functionality, everything here is quite broad – from sales analytics to integrations of third-party services to order. By the way, Comagic supports about 70 integrations with various widgets, advertising, analytical systems and CRM. It is also possible to compile reports on various slices of data, for this it will only be necessary to select the appropriate options and select the metrics.

Finteza is designed for deep analytics. The main feature is real-time data processing without reducing the speed of the site. Here you can create sales bursts using UTM tags, analyze the quality parameters of the resource and even detect suspicious activity. There are features for managing and evaluating ads, connecting 50 different CMSs, and accepting payments.

Its only disadvantage is the lack of backup, and not the lowest price. Yes, for 100 thousand visitors there is a payment of 25 dollars. However, it is worth noting that in combination with a wide range of possibilities, the service interface is also well Russified, so it is suitable for integration into Russian business.

What reports look like in Finteza

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GoingUp! combines web analytics and SEO functionality. So, for example, it allows you to study attendance, transitions, conversions and so on, while giving good site statistics. All statistics are relevant as they are provided in real time.

The service is completely free, so to start using it, it will be enough just to register in the system. Next, connect all related services, and the statistics will be presented in a comfortable way.

What does the interface of GoingUp!

Kissmertics focuses more on the study of user behavior on the site. It collects and stores all necessary information about visits, after which it analyzes and provides information for further use for various purposes. For example, there are activity reports, cohort analysis, conversion studies and sales bursts, as well as A/B testing.

Overall, the tool is great for big brands and experts doing global research on target audiences and their preferences. This, by the way, is also visible in the price – it varies from 200 to 2000 dollars per month. If you want to try the service, you can sign up for demo access.

Mixpanel also aims to analyze the behavioral characteristics of site visitors. For example, information on attracting and retaining users, grouping them by various parameters to view behavioral features, general statistics, etc. are available here.

The tool is aimed at large businesses. Although the cost varies from request to request and depends on the number of views of the linked resource, it can reach $2,000 per month. If you wish, you can use the free tariff.

An example of the Mixpanel interface

Open Web Analytics is also a popular web analytics service, with software available for free. All you need to do is download the source code and install it.

The platform can be connected to CRM systems or integrated using an API, configured at your own discretion, while receiving information and reports based on dozens of standard metrics. All the main data are combined in a single panel, while they are provided in a visual form. If desired, you can study heat maps, characteristics of individual pages, visits to the resource in general, and much more.

What reports are available in Open Web Analytics

Oracle Analytics allows you to collect basic analytical information, form forecasts based on it, and then make the most accurate and correct decisions. More specifically, the marketer will be able to use AI, machine learning and natural language processing. There is also a connection to 30 popular third-party services for more efficient information collection, visual presentation of results, etc.

A 30-day trial version of the product is available for those interested. As for the paid version, it is provided on the basis of Oracle Cloud, that is, it combines several solutions of the company. The analytical tool will cost at least $16 per month.

How to display reports in Oracle Analytics

OWOX BI is a service aimed at working with advertising cabinets, CRM, and also supports integration with Google Analytics. All this helps to collect information on cost indicators, form forecasts, calculate efficiency, etc. There is also a separate functionality for setting end-to-end analytics and studying user behavioral parameters.

Of the disadvantages, there are only difficulties in setting up and the price. There is, of course, free functionality, but with restrictions on the integration of third-party services. As for paid opportunities, everything is individual there – the pricing policy starts at $55 per month, and that’s with discounts. That is why this solution is suitable for implementation in large companies or corporations.

Parse.ly is focused on working with quality content, so it is great for use in online media, as well as in large businesses that blog and publish a lot of news from different projects. In general, it allows you to understand the requests of different target audiences and adjust the content to these parameters.

The platform collects information on the engagement of readers on different platforms, the popularity of one or another topic in relation to user transitions from different devices, and so on. That is, the service is highly specialized, so the price for it is appropriate. It depends on the volume of the resource and content, and it starts at $500 per month.

How statistics are displayed in Parse.ly

The Roistat marketing platform allows you to analyze the profitability of advertising, generate reports based on various parameters, automate the simplest tasks, use widgets to increase conversion, etc. Features include multi-channel and end-to-end analytics, A/B testing, SEO audit, cohort analysis, call tracking, and visualized reports in the form of dashboards.

The price with such functionality is, of course, not the lowest – for a month with minimum parameters, the cost of the subscription is about 5,820 rubles, and this is with a 40% discount. Of course, there is a free 14-day period, thanks to which you can understand whether the service is suitable for your purposes or not.

An example of displaying dashboards in Roistat

For those who use WordPress, a separate tool is provided – SEOPressor. It allows you to evaluate the occurrence of keywords and phrases for the site, also indicates LSI queries and provides recommendations for improving the SEO indicators of the resource.

It’s certainly not free – the price is $9 per month. At the same time, the developers provide no limits on the number of domains and connecting pages, analyzed data, as well as constant updates in real time.


Similarweb was and remains to this day one of the best services that allow you to analyze site traffic, as well as compare it with competitors. Even the free functionality is often enough to create an overall picture based on traffic and basic SEO characteristics. However, if you purchase the paid version, you will be provided with more detailed information about the analysis of the audience, traffic (and for the last three years), applications, competing companies. There is also the possibility of exporting to Excel or a dashboard and access to the API.

In addition to SEO, there is functionality related to commercial and investment characteristics, attracting leads and sales, as well as other types of analysis for promotion in the Internet environment.

How data is displayed in Similarweb

Ubersuggest helps to determine many parameters from SEO analytics and to form an effective marketing strategy in the digital environment with the help of the received data. There is an opportunity to study traffic, keywords, backlinks and much more.

An obvious characteristic and, apparently, to some extent a shortcoming of the service is the lack of Russian language in the interface, as well as the lack of the ability to check keywords in the region. There is another disadvantage, but it applies only to the free version – it is a daily limit on the number of requests and views of the results of the analytical tool. This limit can be removed with a paid subscription, which ranges from $29 to $99 per month. In addition, upon payment, marketing courses in English and an advanced SEO audit of the resource will become available to users.

Woopra is one of the most advanced and expensive tools that allows you to map the path of site visitors. But even in the free version you can familiarize yourself with this card. In addition, there is advanced end-to-end analytics, tracking and unification of interactions, as well as receiving full-fledged reports.

The service is aimed at satisfying business requests, so the cost of the paid version is about $999 per month. At the same time, you can use the free version, but there will be many restrictions.

That’s all I have. I hope some of these tools will make your web analytics work easier.

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