NVIDIA released the slowest graphics card of the year


According to the publication VideoCardz, the company NVIDIA released a new entry-level video card from the budget line. The novelty is called GeForce GTX 1630 and is based on the Turing generation TU117-150 graphics chip.

The manufacturer of video cards presented the slowest and budget video card among the entire model range of 2022 – GTX 1630. It is the successor of the previous version of the GT 1030 graphics accelerator.

The GTX 1630 will be equipped with a TU117-150 chip with 512 CUDA cores. This is much less than most NVIDIA graphics cards from the gaming segment. The new video card is built on the basis of the old RTX 30 series architecture.

Comparison of video cards

Comparison of NVIDIA graphics cards. Image: videocardz.com

If TechPowerUP tests are to be believed, the new brainchild of NVIDIA is slower than the Radeon RX 6400. The GTX 1630 received only 4 GB of video memory with a throughput of 96 GB/s. The media also note that it is inferior to the GTX 1050 Ti on the Pascal GP107 processor, which was introduced in 2016.

The cost of the card varies within 150 dollars for the market in China. Prices for other regions will be announced later.

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