Google will pay Wikipedia for content in search results


Google and the Wikimedia Foundation have entered into an official agreement to pay for content from the online encyclopedia when displaying search results and knowledge panels. As a result, the corporation became one of the first paying customers of Wikimedia Enterprise, a commercial enterprise of Wikimedia launched last year.

Also recently, Google signed similar commercial agreements with several European publications, including the French Agence France-Presse, Le Figaro, APIG, SEPM and others. As part of the agreement, the agencies will receive compensation from the search engine as part of the antitrust case for the use of their headlines in the news aggregator Google News.

As SearchEngines writes, Google has previously transferred funds to Wikipedia, but it was in the form of donations and grants. For example, in April 2011, the search giant transferred $2 million to the Wikimedia Foundation for the development of an online encyclopedia. Later, in November of the same year, the co-founder of the corporation Serhii Brin and his wife Ann Vozhitskyi donated $500,000 from the family’s private charity fund to Wikimedia. In 2019, Google gave the foundation another $3 million to ensure the translation of the content of the online encyclopedia into various languages ​​of the world .

At the same time, the current signed contract goes far beyond donations or charity. At the same time, the fund does not disclose the actual conditions. Google will presumably pay Wikimedia each time Wikipedia content appears in a search result.

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