Augmented reality lenses have been tested on humans for the first time


The head of the development company Mojo Vision was the first subject to wear a fully functional prototype of the device, writes New Atlas.

Mojo Vision has been working on contact lenses since 2015, and now the company has introduced a device that is as bulky as possible. The lenses are equipped with the world’s smallest display capable of displaying dynamic content: a green monochrome MicroLED with a diameter of less than 0.5 mm. There’s an ARM Core M0 processor, a 5GHz radio channel with ultra-low signal latency, and an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer to accurately track eye movements, allowing the image to remain stable.

Mojo Vision augmented reality contact lenses


In addition, the lenses are equipped with a battery that will allow the device to work throughout the day, a power control system and a wireless charger. It will be possible to control AR lenses using eye movements.

On June 23, this device was tested on a person for the first time. The head of the company, Drew Perkins, was able to see the compass data for orientation, view images, and use the teleprompter on the screen. Perkins suggests that such contact lenses will be able to improve the lives of people with visual impairments and will become an invisible assistant that will always be able to prompt the necessary information.

Testing the mojo vision device


Mojo Vision will continue testing AR lenses from other volunteers to refine its device. The terms of market entry, as well as the final prices, are still unknown, but the company suggests that the cost of such contact lenses may be equivalent to the price of a premium smartphone.

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