Where can the author publish? 16 Internet sites for posting content


There are many online sites for hosting content that offer freelance authors various forms of cooperation.

For a freelancer, an article in an authoritative online publication will help to confirm competence, bring new customers and become a strong argument during employment. In the publication, the company representative can write about his project, share his experience in solving business problems, tell about himself to a large audience, which promotes promotion and facilitates the search for partners and investors.

Let’s consider how to become the author of popular content sites focused on technology, digital, marketing, finance and more.


VC.ru is one of the largest platforms for hosting content, which positions itself as a media platform for entrepreneurs and specialists from various industries. It hosts communities and blogs, which can be both official and user. Predominant topics: business, marketing and technology.

Any registered user can become an author. The rules for posting articles can be found on a separate page. Open advertising will not be published, but you can insert links to your projects or your company’s website in the text.

Rules of the VC.ru platform

The editors of the platform welcome articles based on the author’s personal experience. The text should contain unique information presented in simple, accessible language, it is desirable to add images and videos to the article. Try to make the material as useful as possible for the reader. Editorial questions can be asked by mail, the address of which is posted on the contact page.

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Habr is a community of IT professionals, where in addition to publications related to the IT industry, you can also find articles on marketing or copywriting. The materials on this site are read by programmers, analysts, designers, as well as system administrators, managers and business owners. Topics related to science, education or career also find feedback from readers.

The formats of publications posted on Habra are diverse: they can be news, case studies, reviews, digests, instructional articles, analytics, etc. Most of the audience of this platform is ready to accept complex material.

Habr.com site

To view the publication rules, click the button “How to become an author” on the main page of the portal.

Tinkoff Journal

If you are well-versed in investment, law, economics, business, then you have a good chance of being published in Tinkoff Bank’s magazine – a large online publication with a large monthly readership.

To publish an article, register on the Tinkoff Journal website and click the “Write” button. You will be taken to a page with a form for entering the title of the article, its text and a button for uploading photos or screenshots intended to illustrate your material.

Publication page in T⁠inkoff ⁠Journal
The text is carefully moderated before entering the feed, so before writing, carefully study the requirements for materials. For example, mentioning different brands in the text is allowed, but explicit advertising is prohibited. It should also be taken into account that only original texts that have not been published anywhere before are allowed to be posted.


The main audience of the RB.ru platform is IT and PR specialists, marketers and entrepreneurs developing their business with the help of new technologies.

Where to write articles on RB.ru
To become an author of materials on this portal, contact the editor of the UGC. Email is indicated on a separate page “About the editorial office”. There you can also familiarize yourself with the rules and recommendations for writing author’s articles.

You can offer news, market reviews. Practical cases, selections of useful resources and tools, as well as instructions for beginners and expert columns are popular on this portal. The material may contain external links, if they do not violate the rules of publication.


The popular educational platform “Netology” is developing the “Netology Media” project, which is an online publication about education, modern professions and career growth in the field of digital and IT.

Netology Media website
When you click on the link “Send an article” in the header of the site, the material “How to publish an article in Media Netology: ideas, tips and rules” will open, from which you will learn what is best to write about, in which format to send the text and other useful information.

Before starting work on the article, agree on the topic with the editor by writing according to the instructions for authors by e-mail. You can send ready-made material. If the text is unique, useful for readers, corresponds to the topic of the publication, reflects personal experience and does not violate any rules of the site, with a high probability it will be published.


Cossa online publication talks about advertising, internet marketing, analytics and digital management. To write an article for the magazine, click on the “Send article” button. You will be taken to a page with detailed instructions for authors and editorial contacts.

Cossa edition
The editors of the publication appreciate high-quality, unique and non-standard texts. Cossa readers are particularly popular with interestingly written expert articles, case studies, personal stories, and reviews. Authors have access to a wide selection of topics: SEO, various fields of marketing, management, SMM, etc.

Business world

If you understand issues of management, marketing, finance and investing, and are ready to share stories of starting and successful business development, try writing an article for the magazine “Business world”. Experts can write their author’s column in this online publication.

How to write articles in
To send the material, click the button “Send an article or infographic”. The “To Authors” link in the menu or site footer will open a page with publication requirements and advice on how to submit your submission. Study this information to avoid rejection.


Internet marketing agency TexTerra managed to turn its blog into a platform popular among marketers, digital specialists and entrepreneurs. Publications on this portal are distinguished by high quality and in-depth elaboration of articles.

You can find out where to send your article, what are the content requirements and the amount of the average fee in the article “How to become a blog author”.

Instructions for Texterra authors
Any author has a chance to be published. If the editor feels that the article needs to be revised, you will be asked to make corrections. The editors respond to all applications, so in case of rejection, when the article is not suitable, you will also receive a response.


The Unisender mass email service gives you the opportunity to become an author of articles for your blog. Analytical reviews, cases and practical advice written by professionals: email marketers, entrepreneurs, business analysts, etc. are accepted for consideration.

Unisender websiteThe “Become an Author” link in the “Blog” section will take you to a submissions page detailing how to submit a submission to this online publication and the submission quality criteria. Here you can familiarize yourself with the editorial policy and apply for an article.


The Internet edition of SEOnews, dedicated to search optimization, Internet advertising, coverage of new directions in marketing and the topic of earning money on the Internet, invites authors to cooperate.

Where you can write articles in SEOnews
Click on the appropriate link in the “Company” section in the footer of the site. On the page with information about the topics of publications, you will find an email address to which you can send your materials. Please note that texts containing advertising, as well as press releases, are published only on a commercial basis.


The online information resource E-pepper.ru is dedicated to e-commerce in Russia. The main target audience of the project: owners and sellers of online stores, advertising specialists, marketers. Current market news, articles on marketing, research, etc. are published on the platform.

How to cooperate with E-pepper.ru
The publication invites everyone who can offer interesting material to the readers of the portal to cooperate. You can find out how to contact the editors on the contact page.


The popular blog of the well-known digital agency Workspace publishes articles on advertising, marketing, PR, SMM, design, content, SEO, web development, and sales. The site hosts interviews, manuals, research, and analytical materials.

Suggest an article button on the Workspace blog
To submit an article to Workspace magazine, click the Submit Article button and read the editorial requirements for guest articles. To send ready-made material corresponding to the topic of the site, you need to register, fill out a profile and send the article to the editor in one of the formats specified in the rules. Authors can also agree on the topic and content of the future article with the editors before starting work.


The Spark site is intended for communication between representatives of small businesses working in the field of modern technologies. Entrepreneurs, professionals and investors have the opportunity to search for partners and exchange useful experience with the help of this blog platform.

Users can create a personal account or publish a project. Publications are subject to post-moderation. Materials reflecting the author’s personal experience, stories of errors and their overcoming, reviews that make life and work of applications and IT tools easier are welcome. Translations of current Western articles are published.

SPARK platform
When clicking on the “Your publication” button, you must go through the registration procedure. Before posting your materials, we advise you to read the guide for new authors, where you can find out what topics are recommended to write about, and it is also worth studying the article design manual.


We have considered more than 10 thematic platforms for hosting content, focused mainly on professionals in various fields, but there are portals with publications designed for a wider audience.

One such online publication is Lifehacker. Articles can touch on various topics, talk about things that improve life and help readers solve various problems. The site also publishes selections of films and books, reviews of new technologies, devices and programs.

Red politics
Online magazine needs authors. It is possible to publish individual articles or run your own column. Follow the link to read the publication’s editorial policy and article writing guidelines, which include visual examples.

How simple

Useful tips for all occasions in life are published on the site “Just as easy”. Here you can find both expert materials and articles based on the life experience of ordinary people. Topics can be absolutely any – from cooking and painting to microelectronics.

Become an expert
To become an expert, open the list of sections of the site and select the appropriate item. After registration, familiarize yourself with the author’s agreement, publication rules and the amount of the monetary reward.


The hosting community Timeweb Community unites everyone who is interested in IT topics – from novice specialists to experts. Publications cover a variety of IT-related issues: system administration, site and application development, search engine optimization, Internet advertising, site promotion, digital business, IT education, design, gaming, and many others.

Registered users can describe their professional experience, publish a case, share life hacks. The site has a separate “Open Mic” section, where companies and startups can talk about their products and services.

Timeweb Community

To go to the article editor, click the “Write an article” button on the community site. Materials are moderated. If the article is approved and published, the author receives points (TC), which can be spent on paying for the services of the Timeweb hosting provider. If the text does not meet the requirements of the site, it may be rejected. You can learn more about the conditions and rules for posting materials here.


It is not difficult to find a platform where you can publish. However, in order for your content to be approved, it must be of high quality, useful, relevant and appropriate to the topic of a particular online publication.

Do not forget to carefully study the editorial policy of the resource. Before you start writing, it is a good idea to discuss your ideas with the project editor.

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