Phishing sites imitating delivery services have increased in the Russian Federation


According to Kommersant, the number of fraudulent resources offering to quickly deliver a parcel is growing in the network. All this happens against the background of problems with logistics in the country, so an increasing number of users fall for such tricks.

Fake services offer express delivery of goods abroad. However, people who have used them write that the parcels are either disposed of or returned to the sender through the Russian Post.

The fraudulent scheme is as follows: a well-designed site is created, where you can order fast delivery of goods at a price lower than that offered by popular logistics companies. After creating the order, the courier meets with the user, issues a symbolic invoice, accepts payment by card transfer and picks up the parcel. In the best case, it is transferred to the Russian Post (this is how the fraudster earns from selling a fictitious service), in the worst case – the user will receive a message about the disposal of the shipment.

Such schemes are gaining popularity due to the increase in prices for the delivery of goods abroad and the maintenance of some large services from the Russian market. According to Group-IB Digital Risk Protection, the number of active sites with fake delivery services has increased by 36% since March, and Infosecurity and Softline Company have identified 120+ domains that could be used as part of a similar fraudulent scheme.

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