Where to look for free pictures for the blog in 2022


It would seem that finding a quality image for your blog or site is a trivial matter: you go to Google, enter the required query, install a filter and you’re done. This option works well when the saved image remains on the device, but in other cases the copyright may be infringed.

We will talk in today’s article about how to understand that the downloaded picture does not violate anyone’s rights, and where to get it.

What is a photo stock?

Photostocks are special services where you can upload photos in high quality. As a rule, photos are distributed free of charge, but there are many resources on which authors place their works for a fee – a monthly fee.

You can download free pictures from the drains and not worry that someone’s rights will be violated. But if you somehow bypass the payment and save the paid image, then there may be problems.

And even if you’re looking for a photo of yourself on your desktop, it’s better to use drains than the same Google. First, you can find the right picture much faster, because most stocks contain millions of different pictures from different industries. Secondly, the uploaded photo will be of the best quality, while in Google you can not always find such an option.

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What are the licenses

The following types of licenses are common: Public Domain, Creative Commons, Royalty-Free, and Rights Managed. Let’s look at each of them and understand how they differ from each other.

Public Domain

Photographs with this license can be used free of charge 50-70 years after the author’s death. So, if you see pictures with this type, study the author of the publication and make sure that it matches the description of the license. Such images can be used on the site, in the blog and even in signs on the street.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a whole organization that has created several licenses. With their help, authors can manage copyright. For example, such licenses may indicate that they waive the right to prohibit the publication or distribution of their photograph.

There are 6 subtypes of this license: CC BY, CC BY-SA, CC BY-ND, CC BY-NC, CC BY-Nc-SA CC BY-NC-ND, which differ in some conditions, but have one thing in common: they all allow use of the photo for the site and other purposes provided that the authorship is indicated.


Such a license usually applies to paid photo stocks. You buy a photo and can use it on any platform.

Rights Managed

Under this license, the photo can only be used once after purchase. If you want to use this picture several times, you will have to buy it as many times as you need.

How best to choose a photo for a blog

Free photo stocks for free – they can be used by anyone. From this follows one small problem – pattern. The blog can use photos that are on thousands of other sites. To avoid this, I recommend not taking the first images on request.

For example, if you enter the query “man” on Unsplash, then at the beginning there are “template pictures”. I think I’ve seen them thousands of times. So it’s best to scroll down a bit and pick up photos there – this way you minimize the chance that someone has already used the selected photos.

Where to find a free photo for the site

Also, try to use only those drains where the photos are in the best quality. Although the probability that the picture will be of poor quality is very small, it is still worth considering.

And one last tip – try to choose unusual angles or compositions that will enliven even ordinary publications.

Top 20 free resources with free photos

With the theory over, now let’s see where to get free photos that can be used for personal purposes.

Most of the following photo stocks use only one type of CC0 license – photos can be uploaded and used in commercial or non-commercial projects for free, indication of authorship if desired.


Free photo stock for Unsplash blog

The first resource on our list is Unsplash. I already mentioned it above, because I use it regularly. On it you can find millions of great pictures of good quality.

License type: CC0

Official page: Unsplash


Free photo stock for StockSnap blog

StockSnap is a full-fledged free photo platform. Her search engine uses keywords to find the images that best suit your needs.

License type: CC0

Official page: StockSnap


Free photo stock for Reshot blog

Reshot is a slightly different stock system than most existing options. The main goal is to focus on quality, not quantity. Here you can find real images with a less artificial and outdated look.

License type: CC0

Official page: Reshot


Free photo stock for Flickr blog

Flickr is part of Yahoo! His catalog is almost endless – more than billions of photos. It is created by ordinary users, so there are often images in large numbers, but not in the highest quality. Each image on Flickr has its own license, so I recommend checking it beforehand.

License type: all types of licenses, including CC0

Official page: Flickr

Free Images

Free photo stock for Free Images blog

The photo collection has more than 400,000 high-quality images for your blog: landscapes, pictures of plants and animals, food, travel and more. You can find photos taken with a specific camera model.

License type: CC0

Official page: Free Images


    Free photo stock for StockVault blog

StockVault is another rather large photobank with a collection of raster and vector images. Of the disadvantages, it is worth noting a large number of template photos.

License type: Commercial – can be used for commercial purposes without attribution, Non-commercial – can be used for non-commercial purposes without attribution, CC0

Official page: StockVault

FOCA Stock

Free photo stock for FOCA Stock blog

This platform allows users to upload photos of Jeffrey Betts. All images are released according to Creative Commons CC0.

FOCA Stock is a great choice for those who are looking for good pictures for their blog. It offers fantastic close-ups, landscapes.

License type: CC0

Official page: FOCA Stock


Free photo stock for Blog Foter

Foter contains about 220 million photos and is one of the largest image databases in the world. Thanks to the thoughtful design it is very easy to find good pictures for use in the blog.

The service is also available as a plugin for WordPress, which can greatly facilitate the work.

License type: all types of licenses, including CC0

Official page: Foter

Life of Pix

Free photo stock for Life of Pix blog

The service is a bank of high-resolution images with a simple, clear and responsive design – you can access it from a smartphone or tablet.

Life of Pix is ​​always looking for promising young photographers. Such people come to the community of co-authors and enter into partnerships with the platform.

License type: CC0

Official page: Life of Pix


Free photo stock for Burst blog

Burst offers a huge number of images, illustrations and photos – all available through an efficient search algorithm. Photos are ideal for a variety of industries and can be modified and used for commercial purposes.

License type: CC0

Official page: Burst


Free photo stock for blog Depositphotos

One of the most famous paid photo stocks with more than 200 million images. You can use the platform by subscription, but if you want to get free pictures for the blog, you need to open the “Free Pictures” section. In total, more than 60,000 free materials are currently available.

License type: all types of licenses, including CC0

Official page: Depositphotos


Free photo stock for Vecteezy blog

Almost 80% of Vecteezy’s content is free for personal and commercial use. Note that software is not required for editing vector images. The Vecteezy editor allows users to change colors, fonts and other elements directly on the site.

License type: all types of licenses, including CC0

Official page: Vecteezy


Free photo stock for Hautestock blog

Hautestock is a community of talented photographers who fill the service with professional photos of products, interior, wedding photos. The site itself is positioned as a source of premium visual content for business women.

Please note that the site is paid, but when you register you get a selection of beautiful photos for free.

License type: the use of prepaid photos is subject to some restrictions

Official page: Hautestock


Free photo stock for the Foodiesfeed blog

Foodiesfeed – a service where you can find great photos of food. It has more than 900 professional quality photos. Yes, there are not many pictures, but for a few projects in this area you will probably be able to find something worthwhile.

License type: CC0

Official page: Foodiesfeed


Free photo stock for Ivorymix blog

A collection of beautiful photos that are perfect for brochures, posters, social media pages. The service works with a paid subscription, but it is possible to get some photos for free.

License type: CC0

Official page: Ivorymix


Free photo stock for Kaboom Pics blog

Kaboom Pics is the “perfect” place for digital artists and web designers. The service offers advanced search: you can filter colors, keywords, modules or image orientation.

License type: CC0

Official page: Kaboom Pics


Free photo stock for BucketListly blog

BucketListly combines many images from around the world. The author of the site emphasizes that he does not charge a fee, because he does it out of passion, not for earnings. The photos are of professional quality, seven new images are added to the collection every week.

License type: CC0

Official page: BucketListly


Free photo stock for Cupcake blog

Cupcake is a small collection of professionally shot landscapes. This resource was created by Jonas Nilsson Lee, who combines his best work.

License type: CC0

Official page: Cupcake


Free photo stock for Moveast blog

Portuguese photographer Joao Pacheco posts his photos on this blog site. On his home page, he says he decided that all photos should be free.

License type: CC0

Official page: Moveast

Vintage Stock Photos

Free photo stock for Vintage Stock Photos blog

Vintage Stock Photos – one of the most famous sites for free download of vintage images. As the name implies, it focuses on retro-style images and posters.

Most files are freely available. Premium service can provide better and more exclusive images, but the free collection is also good.

License type: all types of licenses, including CC0

Official page: Vintage Stock Photos


We’ve reviewed 20 free stocks to help you find a variety of blog posts, from food to professionally shot landscapes. All of them allow you to use the downloaded material for free and without copyright. Some services offer a paid subscription, but there is no need to pay for it, because you can always find something worth your project from free photos.

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