Opera has introduced a paid VPN service for desktops


In its blog, the company shared its vision of how to increase network security, and also introduced the Opera VPN Pro service, which can be tested in a test version of the browser.

As a step towards safer browsing on the Internet, without leaving unnecessary user data, the Opera team recommends using ad blockers and trackers. The most serious measure is the use of VPN services.

Opera has a free VPN built into the browser (for the Russian Federation this possibility is limited). Now the company has announced a test run of the Pro version of the service for desktop PCs (version 89 for Windows, Mac and Linux). Opera VPN Pro expands the capabilities of its solution, and now the user can protect up to six devices in one subscription. The service will also be built into the browser and will offer access to 3000+ servers in 30+ locations around the world.

Tariffs for paid VPN-service Opera

Tariffs for Opera VPN Pro. Image: www.ixbt.com

To connect Opera VPN Pro, you need to download the beta version of the browser, then log in to your Opera account, select a subscription option, pay and activate it. There is a 7-day free version and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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