In Russia, created an application that determines the emotional state

In NNGU. NO. Lobachevsky developed a mobile application that determines a person’s emotional state. The analysis and results are made by a neural network based on the user’s cardiogram. With this service you can prevent fatigue, stress, as well as use it in the treatment of mental disorders and headaches.

The user’s heart rate is determined by a remote ECG sensor. The digital signal from it is transmitted to the application, after which the trained neural network analyzes the data and determines what exactly a person feels. The algorithm was studied based on the results of testing volunteers who have a level of emotional state was detected with a parallel ECG.

Scientists who developed the application have found markers of negative emotions that do not require adjustment to a particular person. As a result, the service can diagnose four conditions – “bliss-relaxation”, “mobilization”, “irritation” and “fatigue-exhaustion”.

Mobile application for diagnosing emotional burnout


According to Sostav, the development patent was obtained in May 2022. Information is transmitted and stored using the original Stressmonitor software, which monitors the recording of the cardiorhythmogram and visualizes the dynamics of the human condition. According to the author of the study Sofia Polova, the service will create a treasure trove of personal stories of emotions and manage the amount of stress.

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