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When installed on your computer, Discord automatically enters autorun and starts with Windows. However, it is not always necessary for the messenger to be in an active state, and it is not very convenient to close it every time. Therefore, you can turn off autorun to only manually open Discord when needed. There are four methods to help resolve this issue and change the settings.

If you have performed one of the methods, but it turns out that the program still runs with the operating system, try to implement the following options to ensure a comprehensive shutdown of the necessary parameters. This often helps to get rid of the problem.

Option 1: Discord settings

The easiest way to remove Discord from startup is to find the right installation directly in the messenger itself. All you have to do is deactivate the switch and then restart your PC to see if the changes take effect. In the following instructions, you will find where to find this option.

  1. Launch Messenger and click on the gear icon at the bottom of the user panel.Go to software settings to disable Discord startup

  2. You will be redirected to the settings window, where you are interested in the section with the title Windows Settings.Open a section in the program settings to disable Discord startup

  3. Find the parameter “Open Discord” and deactivate the switch in front of it so that it turns gray. Search for a parameter in the program settings to disable the Discord startup

That’s all, so you can now or later restart the operating system to see if Discord will start automatically. By the way, in the same settings menu, you can make it open only when minimized, if you are disturbed by the fact that each time a messenger window appears on the screen.

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Option 2: Task Manager

Autostart in Windows works in such a way that the program creates a system record, which is processed at startup, starting the program itself. This entry appears on one of the Task Manager tabs, where you can turn it off.

  1. Click on the menu “Starting” right-click and select from the context menu Task Manager. If you know other methods of running this system program, there is nothing wrong with using them.Go to Task Manager to turn off Discord startup

  2. Go to the tab “Startup” and find the lines labeled “Update” from the publisher “GitHub”. They may have a Discord icon or a blank file icon. Pay attention to the status of these parameters. If startup is enabled, the status will be “Enabled”.Search for a setting in Task Manager to disable Discord startup

  3. To turn it off, right-click on the line and select “Turn off”. Do the same with all the same programs “Update”if there is more than one in the list.Change the startup status in Task Manager to disable Discord startup

Option 3: Windows settings

Windows has another partition through which you can manage startup. By the way, the values ​​set in the Task Manager are not always synchronized with this section, so there may be a situation when Discord will still start. I recommend you check the status of the program as follows:

  1. Open the menu “Starting” and through it go to “Options”.Go to Settings to Disable Discord Startup

  2. In the left pane, select a section “Add-ons”.Open program settings to disable Discord startup

  3. Go to the category “Startup”.Open startup to turn off Discord startup

  4. In it you will see the same list of programs as Task Manager. Find the records associated with Discord and change the state of the switches opposite them to “Off.”.Search for a program entry in the program settings to disable the Discord startup

Option 4: Third-party programs

There are many different programs that users install to optimize Windows, delete junk files, and clear the cache. Some still allow you to control startup. It can be CCleaner, Autoruns, WinOptimizer and many others. They all work about the same, so I will not single out a specific one. If you have such a program, open the startup control menu and disable Discord-related entries through it in much the same way as you did in the previous instructions.

Use third-party programs to disable Discord startup

You can check the changes after performing one or more of the suggested methods. All of them have been tested and found to be working, so you can choose any to turn off the Discord autoload when the PC starts. I repeat that you can use at least all the options at once to 100% achieve the desired result.

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