Craftum Affiliate Program for Professionals: Start Earning More


Craftum website designer offers earnings for webmasters, developers, web designers, media authors in the field of technology. You can attract new customers and earn passive income from each of their payments, or earn more with Craftum through development and design.

Why work with Craftum

Craftum is a modern website designer who cares about convenience, design and functionality. It can be used to create landings.

The designer offers professional templates and tools for designing from scratch. This makes Craftum a suitable choice for both novice webmasters and professionals who create custom web projects.

Craftum values:

  • Design – the designer offers professional templates, which after adding unique texts and images turn into attractive landings.

  • High speed – the service provides comfortable operation of sites from anywhere in the world.

  • Functionality – the designer offers simple tools for traffic management and conversion, as well as attracting customers.

If you are developing or designing websites, you can use the capabilities of the Craftum affiliate program to find new customers. Or you can earn extra income by recommending the designer to other users.

Kraftum sites

Who can make money with Craftum

The Craftum affiliate program is suitable for website developers, web designers, webmasters, as well as anyone who talks about the IT industry through the media and conducts training courses.

Craftum partner offers two models of earnings:

  • Distributor – we recommend you as a specialist to help develop the site.

  • RevShare – you recommend the site builder to other users and receive a reward for each payment.

Let’s get acquainted with both models closer.

Distribution model

Let’s say you are doing web design or custom website development. Your earnings depend on the number of customers. They need resources to attract them – at least time, and sometimes money for advertising. Participation in the Craftum affiliate program will help significantly reduce these costs.

What you get as a partner:

As a result, you will spend much less time attracting customers. They will come from our site themselves.

This is a great partner for developers, designers, webmasters. You set the cost of the work yourself – the service does not participate in price regulation. When finished, you give the project to the client. He will be able to make edits himself, using simple editing tools. And Craftum support will help to deal with difficult issues.


This model of earnings on a partner is most suitable for site owners, media projects, course organizers. Its essence is that you tell about the designer and lead to customer service, giving them referral links.

For example, you have your own landing course from scratch. You can encourage students to use Craftum to work and offer them referral links to register.

Participation in the referral program is a good extra income. You get 40% for each customer who paid the designer for the first time or extended the tariff.

Accruals are indefinite. You receive a reward while the customer uses the service. You can withdraw money to a bank account, a MoneyMoney wallet or use it to pay for a designer.

Affiliate program

Pros of working with Craftum

The main advantage is the transparent conditions of cooperation without hidden commissions and excessive regulation by the service.

Another important advantage is the ability to choose how to make money online. At Craftum, the affiliate program is built to be suitable for both active and passive income.

If you want to earn a passive income and have the right audience for it – choose a referral affiliate program. Strive to pump as a specialist in creating sites – a distribution program for webmasters is ideal.

You can not choose between the two models, and take advantage of both approaches. For example, you create custom sites and run a channel in Telegram, where you tell about interesting projects and professional secrets. In this case, you can earn as a distributor, creating sites for customers on the designer, and receive additional income through a referral program.

Like all the best affiliate programs, Craftum offers an individual approach. To solve all questions you will have a personal Telegram manager who will help at any time.

How to start earning

To start earning money with Craftum, write to the affiliate program manager in Telegram. He will tell you about the conditions of participation, help you choose the model of the affiliate program, form a referral link and answer all questions.

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