IT Memes in the Community: Issue 11

Friday and a new issue with IT humor from the Community. We tried to find relevant, familiar and funny. Rate and like!

How are you with the necessary skills?

Necessary skills‚Source: by link

And let’s move on to the interview:


‚Source: by link

And this is a short history of the developer:

A brief history of the developer‚Source: by link

And even an elf:

Elves and Christmas gifts‚Source: by link

A little more about summer and programmers:

Work in the summer

Source: by link

And about Friday:

Working day on Friday

‚Source: by link

Run it again:

Run the code again‚Source: by link

And again:

Run the code again

Source: by link

Read the documentationSource: by link

They clearly know more:

Cats obviously know more‚Source: by link

Product manager

Source: by link

Please try again later:

Wrong age‚Source: by link

Gaps on the site‚Source: by link

Experiment and its consequences:

Nothing terrible will happen‚Source: by link

And maybe someday it will happen:

How long will the new feature take?‚Source: by link

Normal working day:

OppositionSource: by link

Agent 007‚Source: by link

This is what the outdated code looks like:

Old codeSource: by link

And a real MVP:

Earthquake detection systemSource: by link

That’s all. Have a nice weekend!

The Internet is big and small‚Source: by link

rare issue: IT Memes in the Community: Issue 10.

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