Testing from Yandex: evaluate your IT skills


Yandex has launched testing for developers and analysts: you can test your technical skills and get comments from the company’s experts.

Validation is available for backend developers, interfaces, mobile developers and analysts. And it involves two stages:

  1. Preliminary testing on the site. It will be possible to pass after the submitted application, and as a result to receive the invitation to a meeting.
  2. Personal online interview with Yandex experts. Real tasks from technical interviews will be offered, for which points will be calculated and a final assessment will be formed.

The test subject will receive a link with the test results a few days after the second stage. They can be published on social networks or shared with a potential employer. And if within six months the specialist wants to get a job at Yandex, he will not have to pass technical interviews.

You can apply for testing and meet the experts who will evaluate the work here.

The company warns that this is a pilot project, so recording may be suspended if the workload is very large. Yandex also offers IT companies to join the creation of a universal tool for testing the knowledge of specialists.

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