A collector of CS: GO skins lost $ 2 million in inventory


It all happened as a result of a hacker attack, which became the biggest scam in the history of Steam. According to media reports, the hacker stole rare items from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, changing the email and password from the user’s account.

As it turned out, in June, an attacker took over the management of the account in the game and began to dispose of someone else’s collection: sell items to other users and transfer individual copies to someone else’s accounts for free (presumably hacker accounts). Among the stolen inventory were rare and souvenir skins, including the Karambit knife, which appeared in the game as a result of a bug and exists in a single copy. The total damage is estimated at about $ 2 million.

It later became known that some users who bought these skins found that their purchases had disappeared from inventory. Valve is likely to roll back the deals made with the stolen items and understand the situation, but so far the company has not commented on the incident.

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