7-Zip will be safer thanks to the Mark of the Web feature


According to Bleeping Computers, support for Mark of the Web (MoTW) technology has appeared in the popular 7-Zip archiver), designed to protect users from threats from the Internet.

Mark of the Web is a feature that helps protect users’ devices from malicious files downloaded from the network. The system puts a special mark on all documents and files that fall on the computer. This marking forces other programs to handle new files more carefully. For example, Microsoft Office opens documents marked with MoTW in a special secure mode.

7-Zip is a very popular utility, but it did not give files from the Internet a similar label. That is, by packing the document in the archive, you could send to someone else’s system any malicious software or infected documents. Now 7-Zip will automatically mark all the files in itself, so that Windows can handle them more correctly and warn the user about a potential threat.

Security experts have long asked the developer of 7-Zip to add MoTW technology, but he refused because this option complicated the program as a whole. But recently everything has changed, and in version 22 of 7-Zip still there is an option to include Mark of the Web. You can download 7-zip on the official website of the product.

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