Micron has introduced a 1.5 TB memory card


This is the world’s first microSD memory card with such a capacity. According to the manufacturer, it is perfect for work in video surveillance systems and will be able to store recorded materials for four months.

The novelty is built on the basis of 176-layer 3D NAND flash memory chips, has enhanced resistance to negative environmental factors and is able to operate in a wide temperature range – from -25 to + 85 ° C.

According to the press release, the card will be able to record events around the clock for 5 years, will also allow you to simultaneously write video in 4K and process up to 8 II-events per second (including face and license plate recognition, object classification). And the MTBF (average failure time) reaches 2 million hours.

1.5 TB memory card

Image: www.theregister.com

The map was presented by the company at the Embedded World 2022 conference, which takes place on June 21-23 in Germany, writes The Register. The novelty is currently being tested by selected partners.

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