How to create a cool email newsletter – tips for beginners


Email mailing is an effective internet marketing tool if used correctly. It increases sales, attracts new subscribers and increases the loyalty of old customers. Mailing is understood as several letters that tell about the company, its news, promotions, interesting events.

In this article, we will give some tips to help you create a good newsletter, even if you are new to this business.

Determine the purpose of the mailing

Before proceeding to the formation of the newsletter, you need to ask yourself the question: “For what purposes is the newsletter created?”.

Here is the answer:

  • it is necessary to return inactive customers to purchases;
  • you need to register people for the event;
  • the company is going to announce a novelty in popular products;
  • new pre-order requests are required.

These are just examples of answers, you may have a completely different goal. The main thing here is that you should always adhere to the goal and not deviate from the end result. If you notice that something is not going according to plan, go back to the beginning and analyze your actions.

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We gather a customer base

Once we have set a goal for our mailing, we need to understand who it will be aimed at. Here you will need to gather a database of content-interested subscribers. You can read more about this in another article.

When collecting the customer base, be sure to remember to agree to receive the newsletter and process personal data. As a rule, such inscription is specified in the form:

Example of an application form

You can also collect the database offline: at events, conferences, discounts or discount cards. In this case, be sure to check the correctness of the entered data.

Try to communicate with subscribers immediately, without waiting for a four-digit number of potential customers. Otherwise, when you are going to send the first letter, subscribers will not even mention you and will send a letter to spam.

Also keep in mind that old addresses later turn into spam traps. Getting an email to such an address is a serious signal to email providers that you are a potential spammer and your emails should be blocked.

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We prepare texts

So, we decided on the purpose and base of subscribers. Now it’s time to fill in the letter, namely to write the entire text. The first thing to think about is the number of letters. Will it be a big mailing, will one letter be enough, should the audience be divided into segments or not.

It is also important to understand who exactly will receive the newsletter – a portrait of the target client will help here, which you can read more about in another article. Depending on the segment, the content and presentation in the letter may vary.

At the stage of copywriting, the structure of the letter is formed: you need to decide which blocks it will consist of, what to write on the banners, which texts to use for the buttons. Also a very important point in the preparation of texts are interesting topics and preheads, as they directly affect the openness of the letters.

Observe legal restrictions: for example, advertising should not create a negative attitude towards people who do not use the advertised goods, or condemn such people. State symbols, foreign words and expressions may not be displayed or used.

Before you advertise something, be sure to study the law “On Advertising”.

We draw design

If everyone can handle the texts, then there may be difficulties with the design. But wait to look for a designer – today you can solve this problem with your own hands, even if you do not understand it.

Services for email mailings offer their own templates that can be upgraded to their tasks. For example, in Cheapsender you can create a letter design based on ready-made templates that will not look like competitors.


What to look for when drawing a mailing list:

  • Color scale. Follow your brand book – the letter should represent your company. If your corporate color is green, then use it in the letter, add a logo, display the elements that are on your site, in the brochure and so on. And you don’t have to have your own brand book, the main thing is a single style.
  • Type. Take the same fonts that you use everywhere when you present your company in any way: through a website, a business card, etc.
  • Adaptive version. The mobile version of the letter should look just as good as the desktop. If you use a template from the mailing service, there will be no problems with this. Otherwise, pay close attention to this, as mail is often opened on smartphones.

We make the mailing

And now, when we have everything ready, it remains to collapse it, that is, to bring it in the form that will be used in mailing services. We have already talked about the Cheapsender service, where you can create a letter on a ready-made template. In this case, you do not need a “full” layout, because everything is automated – this work is performed by the service.

Another case is when you do not use template solutions. Here you will need a professional typesetter, which is positioned on the newsletter. It will take your finished design and turn it into html-code, which can then be used in newsletters.

The key part here is in the layout of the letters. If you find a simple web page layout artist, he may not do well because the emails have their own characteristics. On one post they can look good, on the second too, and here in the third there will be already gross errors – the text will stick together, the picture will not be displayed and so on.

There are enough nuances, but, as we have already said, there is not always a need to look for a layout designer. Template letters are good, but budget-friendly and quite competitive.

We configure the letter in the online mailing service

Let’s talk a little more about mailing services. Their main advantage is that you will not be blacklisted and will not be in the “Spam” folder. Of course, if you make mistakes, such as sending hundreds of thousands of emails at once, you are more likely to be a spammer, but without such services, the probability of getting spam increases many times over.

If you send hundreds of emails from regular mail at the same time, email providers may consider you a spammer and ban you.

With the help of the online service you will be able to track all the most important statistics after sending the letter: openings, links, the number of delivered and undelivered letters, sending errors, complaints, etc. But the most important feature is that you can configure entire email campaigns, in which a chain of emails will be automatically sent to the subscriber depending on his actions.

To summarize

To create a full mailing, you will need:

  1. decide on the purpose of mailing;
  2. gather the customer base;
  3. create a sales text that captures the subscriber’s attention;
  4. paint a design that matches the style of the company;
  5. make a letter or draw it up at the same time in the online service Cheapsender;
  6. run the newsletter.

It may seem like a big deal. On the one hand – yes, and on the other – no. With the use of special services, this task becomes less difficult. The main thing is to think of a good structure and understand what your target audience needs. Next you will need to analyze the mailing statistics and take action if something goes wrong.

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