GitHub Copilot is now available to all developers


The GitHub team announced that the Copilot service is out of the testing stage and is now available to all developers, but only if you pay for a subscription.

The cost of monthly access to the service will be 10 dollars, you can also choose an annual subscription option, which will cost 100 dollars. In addition, there is a test trial period of two months. Previously, to use Copilot, you had to stand in line and wait for the developers to send invitations to the beta test of the service.

Now everyone can get their hands on artificial intelligence, which on the go will help write code, taking on a significant part of the routine that arises in the process of software development.

Copilot is an advanced neural network trained on GitHub-available code, capable of analyzing user-written software and helping it implement many ideas. The service also promotes the learning of new languages, as it knows the syntax of many technologies and can add constructions for a person.

The version of Copilot for corporate clients will appear later this year. You can try Copilot to activate the trial period on the official website of the service.

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