How to create a crypto site for which you are not ashamed

When you run a blockchain project, the site = masthead on the way to your goal. In 2018, we created a site for a DApp project using blockchain technologies (Web3.js library) and decided to share our experience in the article.

The word “bitcoin” has long been common. People continue to create their own projects related to cryptocurrencies, and someone is sure to find an acquaintance who bought video cards, trying to own bitcoins.

Some were persistent, some were persistent.

Crypto site

One way or another, many have tried to ride the wave of crypto popularity. Some managed to pollinate quite popular projects, while the sites of others live out their lives on some cheap hosting.

The site plays an important role for the crypto project. Most often – decisive. The site forms a general idea of ​​the project, where potential customers receive all the necessary information, determine the conditions of interaction and, finally, choose between the action or clicking “cross”.

It is worth noting that the requirements for the crypto site strongly depend on the preferences of the customer and the innovation of the project. Next, consider what exactly crypto projects are posted on their sites.

Crypto site structure

The first block on the page (we will not be surprised here) – brief information about the project itself. If we talk about coins, the name is usually compound. The first part reflects the essence of the project, and the second – the prefix “coin”, which happened with the names of coins such as dogicoin, lightcoin, vertcoin and more.


Dogecoin is an open source cryptocurrency named after the Doge meme

If tokens are selected as the project currency, the name can be any. The main thing is that it is easily translated into different languages.

No site to conduct or prepare for the sale of their tokens is without a basic document – Whitepaper, which is usually left a link to download or view. It displays detailed information + tells about the technical implementation, monetization and legal component.

The roadmap of the project, the roadmap, has long been part of startups. It outlines the current and future plans of the project, the timing of their implementation.


The body of the site includes text, graphics, pictures and videos. They help to better understand the project policy, especially for those users who study the site in a non-native language.

It is commendable if information about project participants, specialists and partners is added. Ability to discuss on specialized forums, trackers and social networks is also +1 to karma. Links to the profiles of project participants in social networks that allow you to meet and communicate with them – another arrow of love in the heart of the user.

In any case, the final decision on what should be the structure of the site is left to the team that develops the project. The main difference of the platform is the integration with Blockchain networks Bitcoin, Ethereum and libraries that are responsible for interaction with Blockchain.

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As we did

This is our first blockchain project.

Just imagine – in the yard cold September 2017, and in the room only we:

  • the customer’s project, which was a platform for presenting the idea with the investor’s personal account;
  • project manager;
  • High Middle JS-developer;
  • High Middle PHP developer.


We needed:

  • implement a web application and link it to a blockchain, integrate with the Ethereum Blockchain network using the Web3.js library;

  • implement a decentralized system for storing cryptocurrency data (all private information is stored only locally);

  • implement support for ERC-20 tokens in the user’s own account;

  • implement the ability to add and create an ERC-20 wallet in the user’s personal account;

  • implement the calculation of the token rate;

  • introduce automated token purchase through payment systems.

We even had to expand the environment a bit and create a small community with a technical advisor and guys who delved into blockchain technology and writing smart contracts. We are so scrupulous, what can you do.

Instead, the starting point, where we had only pieces of identity with basic meanings and refs, in January 2018 became a luxurious swan – the company successfully conducted 2 rounds of presentation of the idea and attracted investment in its startup. The total number of holders is 1000+.

Details about the case of the Streamity portal were told here. And in our telegram channel Dmitry collected links to those materials that may be useful to novice blockchain developers (official documents, tutorials, articles, etc.). Take a look at our telegram channel, subscribe, read about news and projects in IT!

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