Authorities plan to develop measures to support the video game industry in Russia


Russian authorities together with representatives of IT-Business is going to prepare a number of measures to support the domestic gaming industry.

According to Vedomosti, the legal and industry community is currently discussing what measures are needed to develop the Russian gaming industry in crisis. They were partially discussed at one of the sessions at the SPIEF. For example, the following possible options are called:

  1. Adaptation of existing tax benefits for the IT industry to the gaming industry. For example, allow developers to count on relaxation when creating a game that can last 1-3 years. To do this, you need to include the game in the Register of domestic software, and one of the conditions – the presence of 7 people in the company, but the game studios may have fewer employees, so this point can be adjusted.
  2. Simplification of the mechanism for obtaining grants and subsidies for game studios. Foreign investors come from Russia, so the state will have to take this function. And here is the question of bureaucratic, “paper” difficulties, which should be simplified.
  3. Freezing commissions of software stores from the sale of Russian games. This will help game studios to invest more in developing new programs.

It is also reported that in Russia there is no strict legal regulation of the gaming sphere, although in the world jurisprudence there have already been considerations related to games and metaworlds.

According to Boris Yedidin, Deputy General Director for Legal Affairs of the Institute of Internet Development, the Russian gaming industry has always been export-oriented:

This is our good quality product, for which we need to create such regulatory conditions that would allow us to develop internally under new rules and in new conditions, and to create conditions in order to preserve the export potential that has already been formed.

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