Wix Website Builder is not available for users in Russia


In March of this year, users from the Russian Federation were unable to pay for Wix’s tariff plans. From June 15, 2022, it is not possible to visit the service at all, and at the same time access to the creation of sites is closed.

What to do with the site on Wix, you can access it and how to move your site to another designer – we tell in this article.

How to open wix.com website?

If you try to go to the Russian-language domain ru.wix.com, you will not succeed. For example, Chrome has an error that can’t access the site:

Wix stopped working in Russia

You can avoid blocking with any available VPN service. When connected, the site works as if nothing had happened:

How to open a Wix site in Russia

You can find the VPN service in the Google Chrome extension library or another browser. There will also be no problems with this in the App Store and Google Play.

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Why is wix.com not working today?

Wix has ceased operations in Russia due to the situation in Ukraine. Against this background, many other foreign companies are announcing the suspension of business in Russia, refusal to pay in rubles or even complete withdrawal from the Russian market. Earlier, Pixabay, Canva, Spotify and many other services have announced their closure in Russia.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. And if he returns, it will not be soon. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with domestic alternatives that will help to quickly replace a locked designer.

The best analogues of Wix in Russia

Consider the most successful designers-analogues of Wix for the rapid creation of sites available in Russia.


Craftum Website Designer

Craftum is one of the cheapest constructors you can find. For 197 rubles a month you can create a unique site. There is also a free version, but it is slightly inferior in functionality – not all units are available, and you can not configure SEO, integrate with various services and more.

With Craftum, you can create almost any site that is not inferior to what was compiled on Wix. This is a simple landing, and a full-fledged online store with a basket and catalog of goods.


  • more than 100 different templates from different areas of business, with which you can create a site in just a couple of clicks;

  • A free 4-lesson online course is available to all users.

  • there is a special “Design block” that allows you to create a unique design without reference to templates;

  • free SSL certificates;

  • you can get a domain as a gift when paying the rate during the year;

  • SEO settings, integration with popular services and much more.

Cost: there is a 10-day free access + free tariff with concise functionality, paid tariff plans start from 197 rubles per month

Official page: Craftum

uCoz / uKit

Website designer uCoz

uCoz is one of the most popular designers in the CIS. It was launched back in 2005, and today is one of the best solutions for creating landings.

After switching from Wix, the service can be quite complex, but its advantages are noteworthy – it’s ready hosting, fast technical support, various integrations and much more.


  • SEO capabilities with elements of automation;

  • API and access to template code for advanced users;

  • large library of templates – from the simplest to the premium;

  • built-in store module, with which you can run a large trading floor.


Cost: there is a free rate, fees start at $ 6.30 per month

Official page: uCoz


Designer of sites Moguta.Cloud

Moguta.Cloud is another Russian website designer. It was designed specifically for those who want to start their online business in the shortest possible time. The designer itself is based on Moguta.CMS, so in addition to the editor of ready-made templates, users also have access to additional functionality of the engine.


  • integration with many modern delivery services;

  • there is an export of goods to the most popular sites;

  • all templates are adapted to mobile devices;

  • you can take payment on the site.


  • not many ready-made templates;

  • high cost;

  • the starting rate provides only 2 GB of free space.

Cost: there is a free 30-day period, the cost of paid tariffs starts from 2190 rubles per month

Official page: Moguta.Cloud


Nethouse Website Designer

The last constructor we will talk about is Nethouse. It is suitable in cases where you need to quickly start a small site. Despite the fact that the designer is quite simple, it still has important for many functionalities – a full-fledged store module, import / export of goods, various integrations, such as YuKassa and Yandex.Market.


  • free SSL certificates available;

  • easy to master the whole interface of the designer;

  • there is a built-in CRM system and a system for sending messages / SMS-messages;

  • shop module with import and export.


  • quite a lot of different surcharges, for example, you can not remove copyright for free or connect SMS-messages;

  • weak functionality of the designer, compared to previous solutions.

Cost: there is a free rate, paid start from 360 rubles per month

Official page: Nethouse

Let’s summarize

  • Craftum – From 197 rubles per month, there is a free rate + 10-day trial access to premium features.

  • uCoz / uKit – From $ 6.30 per month (when paying per year), there is a free rate.

  • Moguta.Cloud – From 2190 rubles a month, there is a test period.

  • Nethouse – From 360 rubles per month (if paid per year), there is a free rate.

How to move a site from Wix to Craftum

We have already touched on the Craftum designer above – this is the best alternative to Wix, where you can quickly create a full-fledged site with a unique design.

Here are some benefits of this choice:

  • Always available from anywhere in the world. You do not need to constantly turn on the VPN to log in to the service, everything works smoothly. In addition, Craftum is a Russian service, so it will not stop working and will not leave its people in trouble.

  • Design block. The Craftum constructor has a unique unit that allows you to create the design you need – everything works by simply dragging the elements.

  • SEO. The designer has a well-developed ability to customize meta tags, headers and CNC, so your site will be as well indexed as on Wix.

  • 24/7 technical support. If you have any problems, you can always contact the official support and ask them all the necessary questions, even in the Telegram.

Before you move the site, it should be said that literally this can not be done. Unfortunately, we can’t take the site, copy it from Wix and paste it into Craftum. However, with a large library of templates, you can create only a few actions. All you need to do is select the desired template and transfer all the textual content and images there.

Let’s see how it works:

We open the official Craftum page and go through a simple registration.

Craftum Website Designer Home Page

Choose the appropriate template. Let’s say we had a CCTV site on Wix.

Craftum Template Library

As a result, we get access to an editable template. Here you need to take all the text and pictures from Wix and just put in the template. If necessary, you can edit the design of the block using the button in the upper left corner.

Edit blocks in Craftum Designer

You can also add your own code if used in Wix (counters, scripts, etc.). To do this, click on the plus between the blocks and select the block HTML-code.

Adding HTML code in the Craftum constructor

To create an online store, you can use special blocks of the category “Goods”.

How to create an online store in the designer Craftum

You can add SEO elements through the page settings that open at the top right of the template.

SEO-optimization in the Craftum constructor

It’s so easy to move a site from Wix to Craftum. It is difficult to say how long it will take – it all depends on the size of your site, but on average it takes 2-3 hours to transfer.

After transferring the content and setting up the site, all you have to do is connect the domain. You can do this in the Domains tab.

How to connect a domain in the Craftum constructor

Try Craftum for your tasks at a free rate or during a premium test period – we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

If you have any questions, they can always be resolved with the friendly support of Craftum in the Telegram channel. Write anytime!

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