What to look for when choosing a VPN on the example of Troywell VPN


According to statista.com, VPN extensions are among the ten most downloaded browser applications since early 2022. A similar situation was observed in Russia with mobile applications: by March 2022, one of the most downloaded products (of various companies) was VPN. Such a surge in user activity arose due to the blocking of social networks Twitter, Instagram *, Facebook *, where people chatted and found new friends.

Demand is known to generate supply. Therefore, cross-browser extensions with encryption and VPN have become very much.

Which VPN to download so as not to make a mistake with the choice?

When you first encounter a virtual private network, it is difficult to know which VPN to download. There is a chance to run into an unscrupulous service provider who stores user data and may use it for selfish purposes, such as passing it on to third parties.

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What to look for when choosing a VPN?

  1. The popularity of the provider. If the extension was downloaded by many users, it is likely that the provider is not speculating on data and cares about customers.

  2. VPN protocol. There are many protocols, but we can say for sure – avoid the PPTP protocol, instead it is better to download software from OpenVPN.

  3. Number of locations and servers. Depending on the task: reading foreign news, connecting via open Wi-FI, online work on a business trip from another country. If you want to connect to servers in other countries, note the manual server selection feature. And yes, the more servers, the faster and more reliable the VPN will work.

  4. Storage of user data, logging. The privacy policy (yes, the one usually accepted without reading) contains information on whether the company maintains statistics, whether it stores other information about users and whether it can pass it on to third parties. Choose software that does not require registration and does not keep logs.

  5. Connection speed. It may vary depending on the location of the device, so the data presented on the official website is often far from reality. It is best to check the characteristics yourself through purchase- (if you have chosen a paid service) through test-IPv6.com or another similar resource.

  6. Encryption type. If the VPN does not encrypt the transmitted data, it should not be downloaded. Choose software with AES-256 encryption or SHA-512 hash authentication.

  7. The presence of restrictions on speed, traffic, duration of the working session.

  8. Availability of round-the-clock support service.

  9. Price per service per month / half-year / year.

  10. Payment methods.

These ten points are enough to choose a reliable service provider and not worry about your anonymity and privacy online.

Free Troywell VPN extension

After numerous inspections, we came to the conclusion that not all paid VPN provide good speed and meet all 10 parameters. According to test results (and feedback from independent users), the first place, as the best free extension, can be assigned to Troywell VPN.

Features Troywell VPN

After installation and trial use, we have summarized all the data in the table:


Troywell VPN

The main feature

Excellent speed, convenience, privacy

Number of countries


Number of servers


PC application

IOS / Android application


Browser extension





OpenVPN, L2TP / IPsec

Access to streaming services



$ 0

As you can see from the table – most of the items on our list are closed.

Three versions of Troywell VPN

Depending on the settings and additional features, the software can be downloaded in three versions: Lite, Middle, Pro.




Simple, secure, convenient, only server proxies

Basic settings, advanced functionality + new geo and Wi-Fi proxies

Manual configuration, more servers, locations + mobile proxies


To be able to access blocked sites, news portals, work securely online in open Wi-Fi networks, be confident in the confidentiality of personal data – VPN must be downloaded.

In modern cyberspace, expansion has taken pride of place and now will not leave the top of the most downloaded software. Install a free VPN extension in your browser from Troywell VPN and push the boundaries of the Internet!

* The target is recognized as an extremist organization and banned in Russia.

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