Top 10 Email Marketing Books

Promoting your business or services through mailing is quite a challenge, especially for those taking the first steps in the business. To reduce training time and achieve good results, we have prepared for you a selection of the best books on email marketing. They will teach you how to write emails and make a newsletter that works in today’s world.

“Email marketing for creative people”

Email marketing book

This book was written by Oleksandr Hryshyn, CEO of Proofreader. He explains how to build a relationship with subscribers that motivates them to take key action and make the company the best solution. The topics of automation of mailing, ticket sales for webinars and much more are also touched upon.

The book itself is presented in the format of a step-by-step guide with live examples, tips and homework. It is suitable for those who already have professional experience or are beginning to study email marketing.


  • have homework;
  • examples of mailings that can be used are provided;
  • the book is written very simply and clearly, there is no water in it.

Cost: electronic version for ~100 rubles

Where to buy: is on Ozon

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“E-mail marketing. How to attract and retain customers “

Book on e-mail marketing

This is a book for those who want to increase sales or start selling through mailings. In it you will find answers to the questions: “How to make a mailing and landing that sells?”, “How to increase the number of subscribers?”, “How to return inactive subscribers?”.

Dmytro Dyomin, the author of the book, included many different examples of email marketing in this publication, as well as an analysis of Barack Obama’s election campaign.


  • there are many examples and recommendations;
  • exercises that will help improve communication skills through mailing;
  • there are many visual illustrations and diagrams;
  • Mostly the book is designed for beginners, professionals are unlikely to find something new.

Cost: on marketplaces the book can be found for ~ 600 rubles

Where to buy: is Ozone

“E-mail marketing for online shopping: instructions for implementation”

Email marketing book

How to use email marketing in the promotion of online shopping, how to connect with potential customers and how to save on promotion without overpaying marketing agencies – all this is in the book by Alexei Yefimov. By studying this guide, you will also learn how to promote a store with insufficient resources and get a financial return at the same time.

The word “instruction” in the title is justified: it is written in detail, figures, illustrations and diagrams are given. In the book you will find everything you need to know about email marketing: from strategy selection to mailing list optimization.

The author himself is an expert and practitioner who has organized more than 10 projects in e-commerce.


  • there are many different illustrations that show how email marketing works in practice;
  • the realities of small and medium business are taken into account;
  • a lot of statistics.

Cost: on marketplaces the book can be found for ~ 1000 rubles

Where to buy: is the Ozone


“E-mail marketing. Comprehensive guide »

Book on e-mail marketing

The book was written especially for those who are starting their first steps in email marketing. The author of the book, Dmytro Keith, touches on the basic definition of email marketing and gives practical advice on how to increase subscribers’ interest, create a customer base for mailings and properly design a subscription page.

One of the key features of the book is real-world examples of email marketing. They will show you how to avoid the most common mistakes, and at the end will be given homework to understand how everything works in practice.

This publication is designed for beginners, but will be useful for professional email marketers – you can highlight new ideas and refresh previous knowledge.


  • the book is written very simply – read in one breath without complicated terminology;
  • many good examples are ready-made templates for mailings;
  • lots of tips and tricks for beginners.

Cost: electronic version from 280 rubles, paper format on the marketplace can be found for ~ 680 rubles

Where to buy: is on Ozon

“Selling mailings”

Email Marketing Book Selling Newsletters

How to understand your customers, their needs and wants, how to get your emails to open and follow links, how to turn subscribers into customers? All this in the book by marketer Jan Brody. It offers several options for launching sales via mailing list, as well as details how to increase the subscriber base and increase the openness of emails.


  • the book is adapted for beginners, but will suit more experienced professionals;
  • there are photos of real examples, which can be used to evaluate the design and marketing component;
  • statistics on various data are given.

Cost: ~1143 rubles

Where to buy: is in Read City

“Selling letter”

Email Marketing Book Selling Newsletters

This book is from the most famous copywriter and specialist in the field of writing advertising texts. It has been published and republished many times in different languages, but still remains relevant. All this is due to the fact that Dan Kennedy predicted the development of information marketing for decades to come.


  • great option for beginners – there are all the basics and examples from practice;
  • many recommendations regarding the sale of composite sheets in mailings;
  • the book is mostly focused on the American mentality.

Cost: on marketplaces the book can be found for ~ 649 rubles

Where to buy: is on Ozon

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“Write, shorten”

    Email Marketing Book Selling Newsletters

This book can be called the Bible for copywriters. The authors teach to write beautifully and at the same time concisely, without excess water. The material will be useful to those who need to compose catchy letterheads and short advertising texts.

Although the book is not about email marketing, it contains many examples of how to write and how not. “Write, cut” can be called the basis that everyone who writes texts needs – whether it’s an email or a simple “write-down” for the boss.


  • must be read by anyone who wants to write simply and without water;
  • there is a large “collection” of real-life examples;
  • the book is easy to write, can be read in just a few days;
  • a great option for novice marketers who want to learn how to create quality letters.

Cost: on the market you can find the book for ~ 790 rubles

Where to buy: is on Ozon

“New rules of business correspondence”

Email-marketing book

Another book from the authors of the above edition. It will be useful for anyone who writes letters and uses messengers for business correspondence. For the most part, this book is like a reference book that should always be returned.

The only drawback of the book, if you can call it, is that it is written without repetition. It turns out a lot of information, it will not be easy to master.


  • there is a separate practical part, where the most difficult situations in business communication are known;
  • easy to read – the heads are small, and the ends of each are a small conclusion;
  • at the end of the book there is a reference book of words and phrases that should not be used in business correspondence.

Cost: on the market you can find the book for ~ 690 rubles

Where to buy: is on Ozon

“The art of business writing. Laws, tricks, tools “

Email marketing book

A book by Sasha Karepina, a business coach and business communications consultant. Most of the book is not about mass emails, but much of what is written in it works great in customer emails.


  • short and concise – there is nothing superfluous, all information is presented in a structured and clear way;
  • there are tips on how to properly and efficiently draw up a letter.

Cost: in the electronic version ~ 499 rubles, in paper format on marketplaces ~ 490 rubles

Where to buy: is on LitRes

Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Book Email Marketing Strategy

Vitaly Alexandrov is a professional marketer, founder of the direct marketing agency Out of Cloud, has been marketing for over 8 years.

There is nothing in the book about how to write a good text or make an audience fall in love with a company. The author focuses on the theoretical side of email marketing and reflects on the principles of building an effective strategy.


  • information is accompanied by visual illustrations, examples and cases;
  • In addition to the marketing part, the author tells how to attract users, segment them into groups, use information about their benefits.

Cost: the book can be found on the marketplaces for ~ 1662 rubles

Where to buy: is on Ozon

Instead of imprisonment

Email marketing books are a great tool for both beginners and those who have been selling for a long time. You will certainly not become a guru after reading the above books, but each of them will give you a foundation from which to start.

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