The Yandex Search Gallery is now available to all advertisers


Yandex has given online stores the opportunity to place ads in the product gallery. These are cards under the search bar, and previously only products from a limited number of categories could be used to promote them.

Commodity cards are one of the most prominent platforms for advertising on Yandex. They usually present products from different stores that match the search query. They include a photo, price, domain of the trading platform, as well as a discount or promotion, if any.

Commodity gallery in YandexThe company introduced this tool in December 2021, and this was previously reported in the Community. At that time, only one category was available for advertising – electronics and home appliances. Later, products from the DIY segment were added.

According to SearchEngines, there is a separate auction for placing goods on this line. Advertising statistics in this line can be viewed in the Report Wizard. See the Help for more information on this category.

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