The Ministry of Culture will translate paper archives into electronic form

An announcement of a single system for storing archival documents in electronic format has appeared on the official website of the Ministry of Digital Development.

According to the announcement, by the end of 2022 in Russia there will be a state information resource for permanent storage of documents in a unified electronic database. All documents will be sent to the system immediately and will not be subject to mandatory printing on paper. The operator of this system will be directly the Ministry of Finance.

According to the ministry, the archives contain documents that have a high status of importance for both the government and society, so you need to keep every record. The digital switch will save a lot of money on printing and reduce the labor costs of archive staff.

The system is designed to simplify the acquisition, accounting, storage and further use of archival documents. The exact launch dates have not been announced yet, but it is known that 14 agencies have joined the platform as part of the trial operation, including Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Education and Rosstandard.

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