The market will offer recommended prices for promotion in campaigns

New tips for advertisers have appeared on Yandex Market – the system will help you choose a price at which goods can get to all advertising spaces.

According to the blog, advertising campaigns allow you to promote goods on the Market. To make the offers attractive to the buyer, the marketplace has a rule: if the price of the product is higher than the minimum on the card by 10% or more, it will not be able to get to part of the advertising space. These include the “Popular Products”, “Still Coming” blocks on the card of a similar product and “Sponsorship Product” on the Market and Category search.

Now the seller will be able to see in which campaigns he has products that have a high price and can not get because of this part of the advertising space. To do this, open the Promotion section and select the Ad Campaigns page. There, the system will offer a new recommended price or promo code that will address this issue.

Price recommendations for promotion in advertising campaigns


Recommendations are calculated daily. An important point is emphasized: lower prices do not guarantee impressions on advertising space, because competitors’ bets may be yours.

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