Russia plans to develop a single system of services in the field of ecology

The Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Environment are working on the design of the Ecology system on the platform of the State Technical Committee. It will unite 20 environmental services and allow citizens to receive relevant services from a single window.

The main task of the project is to ensure comprehensive cooperation between the state, citizens and businesses in the field of ecology, thus contributing to the care of the environment and the rational use of natural resources.

So far, the project is under development, based on the study of the principles of environmental processes in the country, as well as the desire of the authorities to determine the views of citizens in this direction. And in order to accurately formulate this play, a special poll was created, which can be held until June 16.

Deputy Chairman of the Ministry of Finance of Russia Andrei Chernenko commented on the situation as follows:

Experts are currently studying the life situations and needs in the field of ecology and nature management that arise in citizens. It is important for us to analyze customer experience, gather feedback from residents on the challenges they face, and form a pool of critical issues that need to be addressed in ecosystem design.

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