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Why people are so attracted to the negative

Congratulations! We are Reputation Moscow, an agency that removes negative reviews, videos and slander from the Internet. We help businesses and individuals whose reputations, sales and lifestyles have been affected by spam.

The downside is that it undermines the audience’s trust. Rumors and gossip hurt the prestige of companies, scaring away up to 70% of potential customers. And what about people whose name is always heard? Their income and career depend entirely on their business image and what is said about them.

Scandals attract people. According to marketing research, the involvement in the discussion of negative news is ten times higher than in the discussion of neutral and positive. People are already so arranged – they tend to see shortcomings in everything.

In 2020, the guitarist of the legendary band Queen Brian May fell victim to harassment. The reason for it was a post on social networks, in which May called the salvation of the planet the most important problem of mankind. The audience was amazed by asking the same question: “What about racism, Brian?” Not receiving a response from him, subscribers came to the conclusion that the guitarist Queen – a complete racist. To stop the wave of negativity, May had to apologize to the audience and admit that he really did not take into account the problem of racism when writing the post.

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Reputation management on the Internet

To save the good name, we offer anti-crisis reputation management – AORM. These are healing drugs for your brand that strengthen the business image and create a powerful counterbalance to the negative.

What we do within AORM:

1. Analysis. We carefully study negative information about your brand and choose methods of safe reputation management on the Internet.

2. Removal. We legally remove negatives from sites. If this is impossible or too risky, we change the message of scandalous news, neutralizing its toxic effect on your brand.

3. Counter content. We are building a strong line of defense for our reputation. We will overcome the objections of the audience by publishing counter-content in reputable online publications.

Counter-content is a universal means of solving reputation problems. It is created to meet the specific needs of your audience and allows you to convey to it the essence – you have no reason to justify. Honesty, logic and strong arguments are the trump cards that leave the villains no chance of success.

4. Work with feedback. We manage reputation in social networks. We reduce the visibility of negative posts and comments, translating communication with their authors in a peaceful way.

5. Consultation. When the project is complete, we teach you the basic methods of reputation management on the Internet and self-processing of negative brand mentions.

Case. We were approached by a top manager of a well-known company. Competitors published a series of “exposing” articles about him in the federal media. The client’s company was threatened by numerous inspections by government agencies. What have we done to save his reputation? Published counter-content with an alternative vision of the situation. This helped to form in the audience the habit of critically evaluating information obtained from negative articles. The next step was to remove them. Sometimes it is enough to grab the authors by the hand and offer them to understand or remove provocative materials.

When reputation management doesn’t work

Reputation management service is in high demand on the Internet, but not all agencies do it. There is a change of concepts, and instead of reputation management, the client receives SERM.

Carefully! SERM is the content of search engines with positive articles. And reputation management in the Network – point processing of negativity and interaction with the client’s audience.

The main task of SERM is to distract people with bright headlines so that they quickly forget about the public scandal related to the client. But, as the practice of many SERM agencies shows, pacifier articles are forgotten much faster than the negative.

And here’s why:

  • Interest. People will still search for and find scandalous news. This is a question of psychology.

  • Term. Positive issuance is formed for at least six months. The crisis can be decisive every day.

  • Dependence. Without the support of SERM specialists, the positive edition will quickly fall apart. Customers are forced to turn to them for help every time.

  • Illusion. SERM – an attempt to rule out problems. There is only one way to forget about them – to work.

Negative – part of the information portrait of the company. Do not run away from him and do not run away. It is necessary to solve the problem with the negative here and now. Will the competitors wait until you get back on your feet and can defend your good name?

The benefits of crisis PR for business

Our 10 years of experience in reputation management on the Web suggests that during a public scandal you can not be silent and do not act. By doing so, you allow the villains to voluntarily tarnish their good name. A quick and adequate response from AORM is what gives the brand solidity and demonstrates your strength to the audience.

Advantages of anti-crisis PR:

  • Volume. Reputation management on the Internet is a comprehensive service, which includes legal removal of negatives, creation of counter-content and consultation.

  • Orientation. Our goal is to solve your problem, not to distract the audience with bright headlines.

  • Speed. You will see a positive effect from AORM in a week after the start of our work.

  • Guarantee Anti-crisis PR fully addresses the problem, so re-application to the agency is not required.

AORM is a service for business. The high price of reputation management is due to the reliability and durability of the result. We prioritize your security, so we legally enforce all our obligations, including a lifetime guarantee that remote information will never be returned. Otherwise, the removal is at our expense.

Reputation Management Rules on the Web

  1. Avoid lies. You can spend a lot of time and effort to create a positive image on the Internet, but sundress radio will put everything in its place.

  2. Focus on the main thing. To work on the negative, you need a counterweight – materials that confirm that the audience can trust you.

  3. Don’t ignore. To avoid serious consequences for the business, give a negative timely response.

  4. Work ahead. Find the pain points of the brand and work on them so that even the most ardent critics have no chance of success.

  5. Save the person. According to a study by Design Rush, brands that show sincerity and humanity have 23% higher revenue.

Negative is not a problem of reputation. Problems begin when there is no adequate measure to counter it. Usually, business owners themselves try to remove toxic negativity from sites and manage their reputation, but only strengthen their position.

Do not waste precious time, give care to the reputation of professionals!

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