Prospects of visual marketing in SEO

I learned about the famous banned social network at a time when I traveled through India for almost six months. If I posted hashtags, location, and serious about my profile, I could become popular. It was also possible not to take photos, but to shoot videos – then I could get into the trends on YouTube.

Let’s understand how to get to the trends and what content will be promising in the near future.

Observations are important for visual marketing

If you watched passengers on public transport five years ago, you may have noticed that many people are looking at photos. And for visual marketing then SEO-photos were necessary. We have already lost this trend – everyone is fed up with this kind of content, so let’s go back to the present. Now users of social networks prefer video content.

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What’s on trend now?

You don’t have to be Vanga to realize that videos will be in trend for the next 2-5 years. If you want to sell more, but do not use video, then your prospects are not bright.

Video stories

Even if you are recording a video like “Hello! I am Andriy and I am selling doors ”, this will not be enough. To get your crust of bread, you need to turn to visual marketing and give potential customers spectacles.

We have already found out that selling your goods and services is not the best strategy. And then what do people need? People like stories, and the ability to tell them is a very important skill. Marketing has always been about the ability to tell stories. It is worth learning to compose stories and transform them into videos.

Men and women perceive advertising differently

To increase sales, it was necessary to shoot rollers, you still need to make men’s and women’s rollers separately. The fact is that men and women make different purchase decisions. At the time of purchase, the woman has two hemispheres, and the man – only the left. As you know, the left hemisphere is responsible for logic. Therefore, women are prone to spontaneous shopping.

It is important to choose the words for the video. For example, if the video sells a drill, and you talk about the magical properties of an incredibly silent tool that gives sublime emotions, the man will miss all these adjectives by ear. What should be said in the video for men? About facts and benefits. In short and to the point.

Women focus better on the benefits of the offer. She will not be able to refuse the offer to pay a little more to get FREE delivery. In any case, you need to experiment and you can first show the videos to the focus group of men and women.

By the way, men respond better to jokes and provocations. And if the video turned out really funny, it can go viral. And this will result in increased attention to the company.

Conflict in the video

Conflict can also be called pain, problem or need. Brands surround us everywhere, so to pay attention to the new, you need to firmly understand why you need it. The most important thing is that the viewer must agree that there is such a conflict in his life. And if he thinks about why he didn’t notice before that this conflict is in his life, it’s even better.

Example of conflict:

– The girls don’t notice me.

– Try this deodorant.

After using deodorant, all girls notice the guy.

We learn to cut stories

Our time is limited. And for a day, and in general. We want to get everything at once. Therefore, you need to cut off the unnecessary and leave in the video only the most important.

And you can not completely merge the images, because it is an integral part of visual marketing. It seems to me that this picture could lift the mood and sales in the fish online store:

Mem fish

And we sell! Call.

How do you know which videos your audience will like?

To do this, we need Yandex.Metrica. We come to the “Reports – Audience – Long-Term Interests”. Яндекс.Метрика

An example of a site selling grills. After all, here are those who really love meat:

Interests in the Metric

This audience will probably like the videos with parodies of the heroes of the militants. And then a wide space for creativity.

The topic raised in this article is large, interesting and complex. But if I started talking about her in a video on the beach of Goa, maybe she would get more feedback. Serious and conservative area of ​​SEO in some ways loses to funny short videos. But if you find a balance between these scales, you can be in trend and sell more.

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