Microsoft will add gaming features to the Edge browser


Microsoft has recently focused on the field of computer games. Earlier, it created the Game Pass game library and DirectStorage technology to speed up game downloads, and also updated DirectX 12. The latest innovations are game features that will appear in the Edge browser in the future.

One of the most notable updates is the addition of Efficiency Mode, which is more for people who use Steam or Epic Games platforms. When activated, Edge will reduce the consumption of computer resources, freeing them up to run games. This option will be useful for those who keep the browser window open in parallel during the game.

There is also a Clarity Boost feature aimed at players who use cloud gaming services. It will increase the clarity of the broadcast online content. According to 3DNews, the tool operates on the basis of spatial scaling on the client side, which significantly improves the quality of the video stream.

Microsoft is developing the Edge browser


A new tab will appear in the browser for quick access to news in the gaming industry, streaming services, manuals and information about e-sports tournaments. Moreover, through the “Games” menu you can go to free casual games such as Atari Asteroids, Microsoft Solitaire and Microsoft Jewel.

So far, all these features are in beta. They will be made public after the developers are convinced of their full functioning.

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