Key aspects of SEO are tactics and life hacks


Extensive business opportunities offered by modern SEO have made search engine optimization especially popular. The number of people wishing to dive into this field is constantly growing, and experienced professionals are seeking to master new techniques.

It is most practical to study the progress of someone else’s experience, to avoid offensive mistakes and not to waste time, discovering well-known nuances. To share useful tips with colleagues and share the most important features of search engine optimization, Sape conducted a series of webinars on SEO strategies and life hacks.

During each broadcast, Alexander Shestakov, Head of Links.Sape Linked Products, discussed the most interesting aspects of SEO, relevant for beginners and professional optimizers, as well as for anyone who is interested in this area and just plans to try their hand at search engine promotion.

The entire cycle of webinars is already available on the Sape YouTube channel:

  1. Webinar “Introduction to SEO”. Alexander tells why you need SEO, how to prepare a site for promotion, as well as – what ranking factors exist in search engines and what stages is divided into search engine optimization.
  2. Webinar “How to develop a link strategy”. From this broadcast, you will learn what link building tasks solve, what types of links exist, how they differ and what they are for, as well as which links are more suitable for optimizing your site and where to buy them.
  3. Webinar “How Link Exchanges Work”. We explain the principles of different link exchanges, describe their interaction with advertisers and webmasters, help you choose the exchange that is best suited for your tasks, share effective strategies for buying links.

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Video instructions for Links.Sape clients

Also in the personal account of users of our services will be available special video instructions on the most effective use of all the features of the platform:

  • donor page search tools and options;

  • choice of donor sites – what indicators to pay attention to.

  • tips on buying the most relevant links for your project.

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