IT Memes in the Community: Issue 10


Friday and a new issue with IT humor from the Community. We tried to find relevant, familiar and funny. Rate and like!

Choose direction:


Source: follow the link

And be able to negotiate:

When there is an agreement

Source: follow the link

But sometimes someone else can interfere in the working discussions:CEO and June

Source: follow the link

And the cat can do a lot:

The cat painted everything

Source: follow the link

CSS be like:

ССС site

Source: follow the link

C ++ be like:

C ++ errorsSource: follow the link

But the main thing is that the task was completed successfully:

Working...Source: follow the link

Endless story:

BuglogSource: follow the link

It seems that this is also another endless story:

When I updated the OSSource: follow the link

And the reason is this:

CodeSource: follow the link

Here are some more thoughts to ponder:

Ctrl + CSource: follow the link

If you can do something good ...Source: follow the link

Any ideas?

zip fileSource: follow the link

And this, like the ability to choose all the traffic lights in the picture, makes us human:

Prove that you are not a robotSource: follow the link

That’s all. Have a nice weekend!

Productive daySource: follow the link

Previous issue: IT Memes in the Community: Issue 9.

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