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An information letter is a part of business communication used in email marketing. With its help you can inform the recipient about important events, such as company activities, changes in details and more.

In this article, we will talk about how to write a newsletter, what it includes and what can be useful for mailing list subscribers.

The purpose of the information letter

The main purpose of the information letter in the corporate environment is to tell about recent changes. Here’s what it might include:

  • notifying partners or employees about changes within the company;
  • reminding contractors about the fulfillment of obligations under the contract;
  • informing the client about new arrivals or introduction of additional services.

Such a mailing does not encourage the subscriber to take any action, as, for example, in a letter from the seller. It is important to share changes and communicate information to users.

The size of the information letter can vary – from a few sentences to several thousand characters. Such a letter usually has the signature of the head or responsible person, and in mass mailings the handwritten signature can be omitted.

In most cases, letters of this kind are drawn up according to a template, quotes from official documents can be used in the content. And the content itself includes photos, documents, tables and / or pdf-files.

Here is one example of a paper fact sheet:

Example of a business information letter

In email marketing, such letters can be designed differently – with infographics and other design elements. Their goal is to attract new customers and keep regular ones. This can be useful and informative content, a selection of articles and webinars, information about products or services.

In general, there is no clear definition of an information letter in such newsletters. Such emails are often considered to be content mailings that carry useful information for the user.

Here is one example of such a letter:

Example of an information letter in e-mails

Unlike the corporate environment, email marketing may be a call to action, but it’s not a must.

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Varieties of information letter

It is accepted to allocate 5 basic kinds of the information letter: the letter-message, the letter-reminder, the letter-confirmation, the letter-statement, the advertising-information letter. Let’s look at each one and see how they differ from each other.


This format of letters notifies the recipient of any changes or innovations. For example, the Russian Post sends letters to subscribers stating that they will receive a parcel at the point of delivery, and also offers to receive the parcel in two ways: on their own or with home delivery.

Sending newsletters examples

For the official letter, the notice may come in the form of a document with the date and signatures. Here, for example, is one of the letters of the research institute:

Information letter examples

Reminder letter

This type of mailing reminds users of any action they need to take. For example, if a person subscribes to a master class, the user will be reminded before it starts.

Newsletters in the newsletters are examples

In a corporate environment, this can be a reminder of services. It may look like this:

What does an information letter look like?

Letter of confirmation

Such letters confirm any action. For example, you went to an online store and made an order – in response you received a letter that your purchase is completed and is in the process of processing.

Here is how SberMarket informs its customers:

Information letter from Oschadmarket

In the case of concluding an agreement between two companies, the paper letter can be drawn up as follows:

Example of an information letter

Letter of application

If you plan to change the terms of the contract, use this type of mailing.

Here is an example of a letter of application, which states the refusal to participate in the seminar due to lack of staff:

Information letter on how to draw an example

Advertising and information letter

This format of letters is similar to a commercial offer, which is aimed at a specific consumer and involves a return. In such newsletters you can see information about products or services, expanding the range, changing pricing policies.

One example of an advertising letter:

Advertising and information letter example

In the corporate environment, such letters can inform the recipient about the services and capabilities of the company:

Corporate information letter


How to write an information letter

The rules for issuing an information letter in the corporate format and in the form of marketing e-mails are very different. In the first case, you need to follow the rules of the document, and in the second – do not do without a good visual stuffing.

Letter in a corporate environment

As you may have noticed above, all plus-minus letters are similar because they use the same rules. Here’s what to consider based on GOST:

  • Required fields. On the right edge there should be margins of 20 mm, and on the left, top and bottom – 10 mm.
  • Width alignment. If in web design this option is practically not used, then in the case of corporate letters can not do without it.
  • Indents. Put a paragraph indent in the text at 1.25 cm.
  • Names of sections. If your letter has sections, center them widthwise.
  • Line spacing. Add the same line spacing to the entire document: 1-1.5.
  • Page numbering. If your letter contains several pages, number it.
  • Type. Use only one of these fonts: Times New Roman 13/14 or Arial 12/13. In the tables you can reduce the size to 9/10 points.

When the letter is ready, be sure to check it for punctuation and spelling errors. Read it aloud several times. If you make inappropriate pauses while reading, it is better to change the wording in such places.

When sending a letter, consider its subject – try to display the most important information from the content or indicate to whom the letter is addressed. Also, don’t forget the signature.

Letter in email marketing

Most often, information letters are used in combination with promotional newsletters. This allows you to sell less aggressively – subscribers do not get tired of excess commercial offers and at the same time do not forget about the company.

Newsletters may not contain a call to action, but they also attract traffic. It works like this: subscribers follow links to interesting materials on the site and can later become real customers.

Here is an example of one of the following mailings:

Example of an information letter in email marketing

One of the most important aspects of such newsletters is the overall style. Stick to your brand book, and if you don’t have one, use the same colors as the logo and other elements that embody your business.

It seems that creating such a letter is quite a capacious and difficult task, but with the advent of special services it can be solved by every user. You can use ready-made templates or customize your own, without the involvement of any specialists.

For example, the Cheapsender platform has its own letter designer, with which you can design any information letter. It works like this:

  1. We register on the service, confirm mail and get access to the account. In it, select “Create Newsletter” and click “Create Template”.How to create an email in CheapSender
  2. Then we can go two ways – to create a template using a constructor or HTML-editor. For ordinary users, the first option is suitable – you can create content by simply dragging the elements and customize the entire visual component.How to create a letter template in CheapSender
  3. This is what the designer himself looks like. Everything is intuitive – no problems should arise. Note that there is a separate setting for the mobile version of the email.

Designer of letters in the CheapSender service

That’s how quickly you can create an information sheet in Cheapsender. After creating the template, it remains to import subscribers to the service and you can run the newsletter.


Today we touched on the topic of information letters in the corporate version and e-mails. In the first case, pay special attention to the design of the document. In email marketing, the main rule is that the content of the letter should correspond to the target audience and reflect the company’s brand book.

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