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People do not want to be criticized. And even the most experienced and successful entrepreneurs can not always cope with themselves and adequately respond to comments to their address, or rather – criticism from customers.

Greeting! My name is Sergey, I am a marketer of the reviews service. In this article, we will analyze the case of a real entrepreneur and come to the conclusion that sometimes the greatest fears live only in our fantasies. And we will learn three useful life hacks for working with feedback and customer loyalty.

I spoke with Mykola Minulin, CEO of CRM PLUS and Ural Computer Service. His first company is among the top 10 CRM integrators in Kazakhstan. Mykola is one of the first users of the service.

The market for CRM implementation services is a highly competitive niche, where there is a clear partner product, and all sales are related to understanding the goals and objectives of the customer after the implementation of the product.

I used to be afraid to ask a customer for feedback. We sell complex business solutions, which means that you can expect a lot of negatives. But I was wrong.

Mykola Minulin

My call to Mykola happened by chance when I wrote in the chat of our community, where I was looking for a speaker for a live broadcast on our YouTube channel. I forgot to specify in the text that I need an expert in geomarketing and promotion on online maps, and Mykola promptly responded to the person with a clarifying question. That’s how we met. It turned out that he was one of our first clients, so we immediately arranged an interview. We’ve done interviews as you like – with links and specific numbers. I invite you to read our dialogue and learn from the experience (published with the consent of Nicholas).

– Mykola, tell us in more detail what mechanics you use to collect feedback?

– Two businesses – two approaches. In the field of CRM implementation I have 2-8 clients per month, and in the computer service the constant flow is dozens of clients per week.

“Okay, let’s get it in order.” How do you collect reviews for CRM PLUS?

– I do manual mailing through personal contacts to messengers, where we correspond with customers. I am asking for a recall 3-4 weeks after the integration, so that the opinion is true and does not depend on our further work. In the text message I insert a link to the company generated by your service ( You have 5 sites combined at once in one link – my client can choose the one where it is more convenient for him to leave a review. The client must have a choice, it is important. It is a priority for me to develop feedback on Google Maps and 2GIS, because the share of Yandex’s presence in Kazakhstan is very small. And I turned off Zoon and Yell, I don’t know them at all.

– How often do you make a newsletter and how many reviews have you already collected?

– I send once a month. It does not take much time, but this approach, through personal treatment, gives the maximum effect. In May, out of 11 inquiries, I received 9 positive responses, 2 did not respond. As a result, he strengthened his customer loyalty, reminded me of himself and outlined further plans with some of them.

The link is generated in the service and offers the client to leave a review at once on 5 sites: Yandex.Maps, 2GIS, Google Maps, Zoon and Yell bot

Every response left on any site comes to you in the Telegram bot. This saves time and is always in mind

– I am not surprised that you are among the top 10 best integrators in Kazakhstan, the figures are very cool. You were one of the first to post a widget with reviews on the site. Are there any changes in user behavior after implementing the widget?

– You know, a person perceives about 70% of information with his eyes, and makes a decision in the first 0.7 seconds. I will not prove the obvious effectiveness of the widget without metrics, but positive reviews better warm up a potential customer. I can note that with the appearance of the widget, I have not received any negative feedback in the last 3 months, that’s a fact. I’m watching more. Note that when you focus a potential customer’s attention on positive feedback, you increase his loyalty in advance, even before starting work.

– Let’s talk about the second business. What is the difference between the method of collecting feedback from the first company?

– The second business – repair of computers (Ural computer service). There is a constant flow of customers, 2-10 people a day. And collecting reviews manually is too expensive. That’s why we use a bot (Wazzup) that automatically sends when a customer goes through the entire sales funnel. After receiving the repaired equipment, he receives an automatically marked link from your service ( and he writes a review.

– And what are the performance indicators?

– On the bot so far 4 reviews from 6 queries. But we are still testing, launched just yesterday. Let’s call in a month, share statistics. It is too early to draw conclusions.

– Yes, let’s do it. We will publish the results in the next article for the month. What’s more interesting – how did the relationship with customers change in six months of working with feedback? Can repeat orders and increased loyalty be valued as a result of collecting feedback?

– So. Customer return has increased. For example, a customer called to repair the TV – this is not our profile, we pass the contact to partners, but the number falls into the funnel, and three days later he receives a message from the bot: “Did we help? Leave your feedback. ” And the client answers: “Yes, I have a laptop here, it turns out, today I will bring to fix.” And we again pass it on a funnel, we repair a laptop, and at the last stage once again we ask to leave the response.


As a result, one in three returned for repairs and one in four wrote a review.

Mykola Minulin

– It’s so easy to tell, cool! Let’s summarize. What do you need to do to get a lot of positive feedback and customers?

– Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask the client to evaluate your work. It is important to ask feedback not only from those who have communicated with you, but also from those who have actually used your services. This requires using a customer base and CRM with different stages to collect feedback. I would call working with clients’ opinions the concept of “feedback marketing” – a tool of slow action, but with the longest effect among all other tools. After all, it’s about managing people’s emotions and memories. Again, these are my personal observations.

* * *

Mykola and I came up with such a simple and lively case. Is there anything else to add? I think not. I suggest you draw all the conclusions yourself. A number of interesting cases from entrepreneurs from different fields are on the way.

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