How to write a greeting letter: types, rules, examples


A well-crafted greeting card is an opportunity to start an effective mailing chain. According to statistics, a letter to velkam-character is opened 4 times more often than usual, but only 57% of companies use it.

In this article, we will understand what a greeting letter is, how to compose it and what tasks it performs, and at the end we will look at successful examples of different companies.

What is a greeting letter

A greeting letter is the first letter a user who subscribes to a newsletter receives. It is usually extremely friendly. With its help the company acquaints the user with the product and tries in all possible ways to encourage it to use a product. At the same time, the information should be useful, understandable to the target audience and contain a call to action.

The task of any greeting letter consists of three points:

  1. Client notification that registration was successful. This can be website registration, webinar, courses and so on.
  2. Make a good impression and show how the product will solve the problem. For example, a user has subscribed to an email marketing newsletter – he receives a greeting letter telling him what useful information will come in the mail.
  3. User tip The congratulatory letter should tell you what to do next. For example, when it comes to enrolling in courses, the letter should tell you how the work will go, what can be done until the courses start, and so on.

A greeting card is your person, a kind of business card. The better it is designed for the target audience, the more loyal it will be to your company and the more successful sales you will have.

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What may be inside the letter

Let’s analyze the main components of any greeting letter:

  1. Friendly and sincere greetings written for the target audience. This is where the essence is in CA – if it is young people, the greeting may be more informal than for an adult audience.
  2. Sincere thanks for the fact that the user took action – subscribed to the newsletter, bought courses and more.
  3. A story in a few words about the company and a link to the site.
  4. Information on the frequency of mailing, for example, letters will be received weekly with new information.
  5. Be sure to call for action – it can be a button “Take advantage of the bonus”, “Download book” or any other.
  6. Contacts and feedback.
  7. Be sure to unsubscribe. It should always be, otherwise the user will not be able to unsubscribe from you if he wants to do so for some reason. Eventually, it may add you to spam, and this will negatively affect the entire newsletter.

Also in the greeting letter can be added additional information: the best content, popular products, brief instructions on how to use the service and more. It all depends on the specifics of your business.

How to send letters – alone or in a chain

There is nothing wrong with sending only one greeting letter. In some cases, this may be the only correct option. But do not forget about the chain of letters – with their help you can show all the features of the product and gradually introduce the user to the company.

Also, the chain of letters will not overload subscribers, and you can get to know your audience better through the statistics of the chain of letters. As a result, it can have a great effect.

If you choose a chain of letters, you should define the purpose, theme and choose a simple call to action. All letters should be as a whole – this applies to texts, design and stories. Imagine that you are reading a book and its design changes every 10 pages – it will be at least annoying. The same with the chain of letters – design them the same and do not change the tone in which you communicate with subscribers.


Examples of greeting letters

Let’s move on to practice and look at examples of how to design a greeting card to make it work. We have collected effective and interesting ideas from popular companies.


This is a service for listening to music such as Spotify, which selects recommendations and saves playlists. After registering on the service, each user receives a greeting letter.

Let’s look at it:

Greetings from Deezer

What’s good:

  • nice design with two-column adaptive layout;
  • there is a call to action both at the beginning and at the end of the letter, and the accompanying information is written between them.


I don’t think everyone should know that this is a fun platform for learning English.

Greeting letter from duoLingo

What’s good:

  • nice design and compact sheet that fits comfortably in one screen;
  • there is a call to action;
  • a link to a site where the user can engage both from the phone and from the computer: a mobile application is used for the phone.


It is a service for the development of memory, thinking and attention. The user registers on the site, and then opens access to various online simulators.

The greeting letter looks like this:

Congratulations from Wikium

What a good thing

  • there is a picture that attracts attention;
  • login and password are sent in the letter so that the user does not forget them;
  • there is a brief description of the company;
  • compact letter with two calls to action – confirm mail.


Online store where you can find a lot of stylish clothes, jewelry and more. The mobile application is mostly used, but you can also register and buy goods through the website.

Greeting letter from Shein

What a good thing

  • the letter is designed as a website, and its design corresponds to the brand book;
  • well-developed structure that encourages purchase;
  • in the basement of the letter there are links on social networks, as well as additional information, privacy policy and terms of use.


A service to buy tickets, which you have probably heard about. And I think that I received such greeting letters if I registered with them.

Greeting letter from Aviasales

What’s good:

  • intriguing short personal letter;
  • just one button – a call to action that leads to the Aviasales blog.


Wix is ​​a site builder where the user can collect their own projects without the involvement of specialists. When a user subscribes to a newsletter, a chain of emails arrives that prompts them to take action – assemble their site.

Greeting letter from Wix

What a good thing

  • nice design in corporate colors of the site;
  • the letter encourages subscribers to start using the platform;
  • for beginners there are links to video tutorials;
  • brevity: the entire letter is on one computer screen.


The code is a project from Yandex.Practicum, where they write about programming. You can get a testamentary letter after subscribing to the newsletter.

Greeting letter from Code

What’s good:

  • greetings – it fits well with the target audience, as I said above;
  • illustration on the first screen, which is made in a corporate style;
  • below is a link to an article about simple programming.


A popular area where you can book accommodation. After registration, each user receives the following nice letter:

Greeting letter from Airbnb

What’s good:

  • Airbnb does not tell, but shows – in the letter there are many beautiful photos from different countries;
  • The letter leads to different sections of the site: renting apartments, finding impressions, renting your home.


Women’s clothing online store. Like any store, ShopBop greets its customers in a letter after registration:

Greeting letter from ShopBop

What’s good:

  • nice design, made in a corporate style;
  • there are links to the main sections of the site;
  • in the footer of the letter you can go to the page with the download of the program or subscribe to social networks.

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This is a company that develops and promotes sites. The greeting letter is very simple, but at the same time effective.

Greeting letter from 1PS

What’s good:

  • the first thing that catches your eye is the greeting, which looks very friendly;
  • the letter describes in detail the next steps – these are future mailings and when they will arrive;
  • An interesting option is the ability to change the newsletter, for example, add or remove headings.


This is a full-fledged library for businessmen, psychologists and just those who want to read books for self-development.

Greeting letter from the Book

What’s good:

  • at the beginning the user is informed about what he signed for – a book in PDF format;
  • then there is the author of the newsletter, who tells how users will benefit from the subscription;
  • popular books are shown below.

The Bell

Newsletter for entrepreneurs with news and useful materials.

Greetings from The Bell

What’s good:

  • works with expectations: it contains information about future mailings, the frequency of letters and their content;
  • there are contact details to write in response;
  • written on behalf of the founder of The Bell, which is certainly credible;
  • made in a minimalist design: only text and small icons.


MyBook is a very popular electronic library of modern and classic books.

Greeting letter from MyBook

What’s good:

  • the first thing that catches your eye is the benefit for the reader: a subscription to all MyBook books costs 149 rubles, and one book in any store – 500 rubles;
  • you can go to any genre of books and see the catalog;
  • two calls to action at the beginning and end, so you don’t have to scroll up to press a button.


MIF is a publishing house that specializes in books on marketing, business and self-development.

Greeting letter from MYTH

What’s good:

  • There are 2 ways to confirm consent to the mailing: automatically and manually;
  • “tree of knowledge” attracts attention – you want to click and see what is written on each branch;
  • cool decorated letter with a frame that you want to read right now.


It’s not five minutes to write a congratulatory letter. Analyze the target audience, think about how best to interact with it. Run chains of congratulatory letters to analyze the actions of CA, and, of course, learn the cool ideas we talked about today – they will help you at the beginning of the journey.

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