How to work with LSI-phrases? Everyone has heard of them, but few use them


The content that is posted on this site is very important for the promotion of the site. One of the components of text optimization is working with LSI-phrases. What it is and how to work with them, we will understand in this article.

What are LSI phrases?

To put it simply, LSI phrases are synonymous with our key phrase. This is an abbreviation of Latent Semantic Indexing, which literally translates from English as “hidden semantic indexing”. These phrases mean hidden content or what is read between the lines.

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Why is it important to use LSI phrases?

Using LSI phrases avoids over-optimizing the keywords on the page. Synonyms also help increase relevance.

Users may not know a specific name for something. If they want to buy a university degree, they can ask the following questions:

  • “Buy a diploma”,

  • “Sale of a document of higher education”,

  • “purchase of a university certificate”.

There may be any other variations. This seems unbelievable, but search engines know all these synonyms. Search engines have long studied our queries with you and memorized all known existing phrases and their synonyms. Search engines have learned to answer strange questions, such as: “a movie where the protagonist looks like a Maine Coon.” If you have this LSI phrase on your site, you will rank high on it.

Where to place LSI phrases?

Content on a page is not just a piece of text. There are many places on the page where you can insert a keyword. LSI phrases can be placed in:

  • text area

  • title,

  • headlines

  • anchors,

  • menu items

  • viola pictures,

  • on the buttons

  • in forms of admiration.

Landing page optimization – optimization of each text area. That is, you do not need to be limited to text. Try to go beyond the usual thinking. But it is important to remember that the most popular key should be placed above the top of the page. That is in the first paragraph.

How to find LSI phrases?

There are different ways to search for LSI phrases. For example, there is an extension for Google Chrome. It is called Extractor de entidades.

thumb 10202 articles standart

This extension extracts entities from the page.

Other places to look for synonyms:

thumb 10203 articles standart

thumb 10204 articles standart

  • Yandex.Wordstat.

  • Analysis of snippets (see what the description of competitors, and look for the right phrases in it).

  • Analysis of relevant texts (this item is a priority).

Working with LSI-phrases

There should be a lot of LSI phrases on the page. When there is a semantic core and LSI, the intersection of phrases will be in any case. The semantic core in this case is more important than LSI-phrases.

The master key must be used in all text areas. The LSI phrase must appear on the page at least once. This is the basic principle of working once exactly, but you can do more.


We open a random site to request “site promotion” and see what he has there with LSI:

thumb 10205 articles standart

In the slider, ie at the top of the page:

  • “Site Promotion”.

  • “Website promotion”.

  • “Top on request”.

  • “SEO”.

Here are the headlines:

  • “Prices that will allow your site to come out on top.”

  • “SEO (SEO) is a way to promote a site cheaply and make it profitable.”

  • “How to order SEO”.

In the text:

  • “Complex of site optimization for search engines.”

  • “There is an increase in the site in the issue.”

  • “SEO-promotion services”.

You can also analyze your competitors and find creativity in a variety of synonyms.


Now you know what LSI phrases are and how to work with them. All SEO specialists know about them, but not everyone works with them. If you work with LSI phrases, you will gain an advantage over competitors. And if a particular page of the site is really important, it is definitely worth working with.

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