How to respond to a vacancy if you are a beginner


You can use a variety of options to find remote work: numerous social media themes and telegram channels, bulletin boards like Avito, and job sites such as Headhunter.

In this article we will talk about how a novice freelancer to properly respond to a vacancy or respond to a project. Let’s understand what you need to write about to capture the attention of the employer and get the desired job.


Cover Letter

Most often, the response to the vacancy is to send a resume with a cover letter to the e-mail address of the employer specified in it. And the latter is even more important, so never send a blank letter with an attached resume file, most likely, it will immediately go to cart. A well-written cover letter will set you apart from other candidates and prove your interest in a specific vacancy.

The letter should be written so that the employer understands that you are interested in working in his organization, and not just send your resume for all vacancies in a row. It should answer two main questions: why do you belong to this company and why does this company belong to you?

Usually the cover letter consists of:

  • Appeal to the employer. It can be just a greeting or if you know the name of the employee, address him personally.
  • Your submission and position instructionswhich you claim.
  • Guidelines for work experiencebut only the one who matters in that position. Even if this is your first job in this specialty, some experience you could gain while studying, training, etc. It is worth mentioning. If you do not have any relevant experience, write that you are a freelancer and list what skills you have. By the way, according to the survey, in the list of qualities that recruiters pay attention to, the practical experience of the applicant is only in fourth place. Much more important is the candidate’s interest in working in a particular company or position, the ability to benefit the company and its achievements.

Results of the survey Describe all the personal qualities and skills that will help you perform your duties.

  • Tell us about your competitive advantages: which, in your opinion, sets you apart from people with the same experience and education. Here it is worth mentioning something unique that may be of interest to the employer in terms of your competencies.
  • Write why do you want to get a job it is in this company and for a specific position.
  • In conclusion to the cover letter express your willingness to cooperate and answers to questions in an online interview.
  • Don’t forget to specify contacts. When looking for a remote job, when the employer may be in other cities and even countries, it makes sense to indicate your time zone and the time when you are online. If you think that your page on social networks will increase the positive effect and make a good impression on a potential employer, you should add a link to it in the cover letter.

I will also add that often the employer asks to insert a code word or phrase in the text of the response, so read the text of the vacancy carefully.

The cover letter should be sufficiently detailed, but you should only write about what is directly related to the vacancy, it should not take more than two minutes to read and understand.

You should not over-praise your preferences, you should focus not on your loved one, but on what interests the employer, namely – how you will solve the problems of his business.

Try to write in simple and clear language, follow a business style without complex structures and the use of informal expressions. A freer style of writing is acceptable if you are applying for any creative vacancy.

Cover letter templateIt is important not only the content of the letter, but also its design and literacy. Read the text carefully before sending. Good command of the language demonstrates a high level of literacy and personal development, makes a serious impression. If you do not expect your own knowledge of the rules of the Russian language, pass the text through the online service of spelling, punctuation and stylistics, or use the services of a proofreader. It is equally important to make the letter neat and easy to read: break the text into paragraphs, structure thoughts, highlight important points, list of skills can be made in the form of a bulleted list.

If the cover letter attracts the attention of the employer, he will want to read your resume, which must be compiled for each vacancy.

When creating such a document for convenience, you can use ready-made templates, such as a text editor Microsoft Word. It is recommended that you save the resume in PDF format so that the document is displayed on any device exactly as it was created.

Resume template with Microsoft WordThe summary should not exceed 1-2 pages. A photo is optional, but it is still desirable to add a photo taken in a business style.

The summary should be structured, all the information in it should be presented in a certain sequence. Resume sections always include:

  • Name, surname, contacts, purpose – that is, a brief description of which position you are applying for.
  • Key skillswhich will show the employer what he will get if he hires you. Professional skills include knowledge of foreign languages, special computer programs, etc.
  • If you have work experience list the available experience in this direction in chronological orderstarting from the last place of work. Indicate the company, position, working hours and describe in detail the responsibilities you perform using the verbs of action: organized, promoted, improved, etc. If you do not have experience in companies, list all your training practices, internships, and time projects. Emphasize the readiness to take on new tasks, learn new areas of activity and constantly learn.
  • In addition to basic education, specify all additional courses, lectures, webinarsthrough which you have improved your skills and helped you improve your professional skills.

Optional sections of the resume include:

  • Block with personal information “About me” will allow to differ favorably from other applicants. Here you should avoid standard and general phrases. Write down what you want to achieve in the future position and what you can offer the employer. You can list personal qualities, your strengths.
  • Interests section it makes sense to include in the resume only if your hobbies help you improve in the professional field.
  • Information such as date of birth or marital status and the presence of children are also optionalbut may be specified if desired.

Like the cover letter, the resume should be written without errors, the information should be presented in plain language. Try to avoid inaccuracies, do not give unnecessary information that is not directly related to this vacancy.

When submitting a resume using online job search services, this document is compiled in a special form on the site. A special field may be provided for the cover letter on the recruitment portals.

Resume creation form on the website

In many online professions, in order to get an order or get a permanent permanent job, you need to show customers examples of their work. Links to them can be placed in the resume or inserted in the cover letter. Do not send many options at once, select cases close to the niche and the type of tasks, just three worthy examples.

Those who have just decided to go freelance do not have a ready-made portfolio yet, but this is not a problem. If you are going to work on the same profile as in the office, show the projects that were performed at a permanent place of work.Example of a portfolio

An example of a portfolio on Behance

You can also showcase work created during your studies, as many courses include hands-on activities.

If you want to try yourself in a whole new field, take the time to create a few demonstrations for fictional clients. For example, a designer can paint a logo or make a website for a non-existent company, and a copywriter can write several texts on self-selected topics.

Train on acquaintances who may need your services. Offer them a good discount or do a few tasks for free to practice and replenish your portfolio. The test tasks that some customers offer to contractors will also help to fill the portfolio with examples of work.

Let’s summarize

With the right approach to find a freelancer job is quite real even in the absence of experience. Before you start looking at vacancies, analyze the desired area and decide on professional plans.

Prepare templates for resumes and cover letters to respond to new vacancies as quickly as possible. In the absence of experience, the content of the cover letter is crucial, as it will help to stand out from other candidates. In it you will be able to show that you are interested in vacancies, will give a general idea of ​​yourself as a person and a specialist.

Despite the availability of ready-made templates for responding to vacancies, always edit the text based on the specific position or task. Try to find out in advance about the company you are going to join. This will allow you to provide more specific information in the letter, which will add value to your candidacy and set it apart from the competition.

When replying to the employer by e-mail, do not forget to indicate in the subject of the letter for which position you are applying. After sending feedback, follow the incoming messages and promptly answer questions, because in case of delay, the potential employer will contact another applicant.

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